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Ileus is a disruption of the normal propulsive ability of the gastrointestinal tract.Ileus is commonly defined simply as bowel obstru...
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3,646 conversations around the web about Ileus to help you make a decision
3,646 conversations around the web about Ileus to help you make a decision
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Ileus & Vomiting

12.4% of the posts that mention Ileus also mention Vomiting (453 posts)
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We found 453 discussions
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" ...a ton of weight right after surgery. I had an Ileus and then started vomiting uncontrollably, plus my appetite just disappeared for weeks. They finally resorted to feeding me... "

" Did you say you have ileus? If you do, stop eating. ...your doctor. Any time you are throwing up it's your body's warning to... "

" ...for reglan & zofran both. If he gets any tummy bug or vomiting, we get an ileus. It's very common after tummy bugs. At first sign of a tummy bug turning to ileus, we start in with the zofran... "

" ...all the time. Barely controlled. That had me try chewing gum yesterday and I vomited immediately. Wondering if I ...feel like when an ileus clears? Th... "

" Hi , I dont know if this is any help but After my surgery I was vomiting and unable to eat I had whats called an Ileus . This went on for 2 weeks but resolved, and I slowly started to eat again .No... "

" Ileus - any information? Hello, I has his operation to remove the cancer on as he had ileus and was vomiting a lot, has a tube to his tummy and has very low blood pressure and n... "

" my ileus sometimes happens for no reason...the first 6x medics put friday 11pm was on way to a&e and had vomited bile, was in excruciating pain. I had an x... "

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" ...I checked into the hospital for a PEG insert, a colonoscopy and endoscopy, following those procedures I spent the next 12 days in the hospital throwing up everything they put down my PEG. As... "

" Jacoby, I assume you have an ileus? Are you walking? I heard ng tube? Are you throwing up alot? That is my fear...that I will throw up...I am terrified to throw up. YUCK Hodaya, I think the... "

" worse and I started vomiting. My husband took me to ...I had a wrong diagnosis with ileus. He sent me to ...I had a NG tube inserted and that relieved my vomiting. Now I am at home and I ... "

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