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414 conversations around the web about Vitamins to help you make a decision
414 conversations around the web about Vitamins to help you make a decision
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Ileostomy & Vitamins

We found 386 discussions
" ...some Forvia vitamins and was curious ...and have an ileostomy. The web stated that these vitamins are highly absorb-... "

" ...asked my surgeon about vitamins and he said as ...there is no need for vitamins. But, I have osteoporosis....thank you ...with D but since my ileostomy I take the chew... "

" I just got an ileostomy so I can actually take vitamins and stuff again...for some reason, take them I got so nauseous. Just a regular Men's... "

", ending up with the Ileostomy. I am currently in complete ...stopped the Asacol. Just taking the usual supplements like Vitamins, Calcium and pain meds for my lower back pain... "

" ...other supplements and vitamins prescribed by my nutritionist toward the end of chemoradiation - it worked wonders for me, ...I went from having diarrhoea average ...chemo diarrhoea is in my i... "

" ...will see my Doctor about B12, he did say I would ...this, and I am being more diligent about my vitamins. It is nice to know other's have lost and ...all. Sue UC six years, ileostomy feb... "

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" ...old female. i had my ileostomy on March 24, 2009. 2 ...later i continue to have incredible back pain and i am remarkably i eat. started daily vitamins over 2 months ago and... "

" To all ileostomy patients, if you want to ...wheat..juice your fruits and take antioxidant vitamins, pretzels are great, ones with ...and has all the necessary vitamins you need ...increase immu... "

" ...cause malabsorption of many vitamins and minerals, as well ...Crohn's disease and resulting ileostomy. I often feel very ...lightheaded. Potassium, magnesium, and calcium help, and I have bee... "

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" ...gut theory. I also have Crohn's Disease and I've had my ...removed leaving me with an ileostomy (a bag). So, I have ...chiropractor that recommended all these \"vitamins\" and shakes. I just ... "

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