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(Irritable bowel syndrome)
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS, or spastic colon) is a diagnosis of exclusion. It is a functional bowel disorder character...
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Probiotic 6,861 Imodium 4,982 Metamucil 4,193
594,238 conversations around the web about IBS to help you make a decision
594,238 conversations around the web about IBS to help you make a decision
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IBS & Pineapple Juice

We found 60 discussions
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" ...seems to keep away my IBS/constipation. I always take my spatone ...OJ I can find or pineapple juice. good... "

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" ...nothing fizzy, no fruit juices (IBS). I think there's only water ...drink, I used to like pineapple juice but it made the IBS worse... "

" ...-- I have found both pineapple juice (drink 4 oz or so ...had any problem...and I was worried because I suffer from IBS with constipation (although mostly during PMS, so I don't... "

" ...sushi 2 x potato cakes Dinner: Nothing - got horribly sick with an IBS attack and just layed in bed for 6 hours ...bit better now. Had some pineapple juice though So I have ended... "

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" ...since my sonwas born almost three years ago. I had bad, bad food poisoning when I was 15 and doc thinks being pregnant set off the IBS that was caused from that. Anyway, I am taking 1... "

" going to forget the pineapple juice and drink protein shakes during ...nothing apart from too much pineapple juice, milk and brazil nuts so ...much milk cos of my digestion and ibs! god ca... "

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" ...calories. Time to resurrect my IBS-safe list of fruits and veggies ...ate less than I burned! Breakfast cereal, raspberries, ufo, pineapple juice, 1 Carr's cookie 371 Lunch pbj on cracked whea... "

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" ...ever be corrected. With my IBS I don't eat Gluten much ...flavour for me. I've been mixing Cranberry juice and Pineapple juice with it. Not too bad then! I'll keep an... "

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" I have ibs too (not related to gluten ...I've found that when having a really painful flare, the anti-inflammatory effects of fresh pineapple juice stopped the pain. Other than... "

" ...with this. I suffer from Endometriosis which can give you the symptoms of IBS as well as everything drink things like Pineapple Juice as that has an ...helps and you feel better... "

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