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Vaginal Odor

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Ask a question
(Vaginal odour)
3,160 conversations around the web about Vaginal Odor to help you make a decision
3,160 conversations around the web about Vaginal Odor to help you make a decision
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Hysterectomy & Vaginal Odor

We found 91 discussions
" ...months post hysterectomy: vaginal odor Is anyone experiencing strong vagina odor after 7 months post op hysterectomy? I just started to... "

" 7 weeks post-op: vaginal odor after hysterectomy I have struggled with vaginal odor,for awhile. My flora would be intermediate,between 4-6. Is it recommended to take Flagyl or Metro Gel at... "

" TAH Mild vaginal odor after hysterectomy I am almost 5 weeks tah post op is it normal to have a mild vaginal odor its not bad but different and a little unpleasant... "

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" Vaginal odor, After hysterectomy Hello everyone, I had a partial hysterectomy about 8 years ago. I noticed everytime I have ...had a problem with having a vaginal odor. I went to the doctor... "

" ...odor i had my hysterectomy in april 2010. since surgery i have had occasional foul vaginal odor. its not all... "

" Vaginal odour with no discharge Hi everyone... ...3 months post-op from a hysterectomy, etc. I just began to ...I perform daily, I have vaginal odour with no discharge. Any... "

" Ladies after hysterectomy I had a hysterectomy, almost two yrs ago. I've never felt that I hard to hide my vaginal, odor.. I've always felt fresh. Now... "

" ...during sex I had my hysterectomy on Sept. 2007 and I ...but now (Feb. 2008) I am feeling pain and discomfort during sex. ...have notice that I have an unpleasant (vaginal)odor after the surg... "

" Does Endo cause vaginal odor? This is a very uncomfortable ...endometriosis cause you to have an awful vaginal odor? I never feel clean anymore ...will go away once I have my hystere... "

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" Vaginal Odour I have a vaginal odour that occurs only after intercourse on myself and my ...never used to have this problem. I had a hysterectomy 5 years ago and am in my late 30's.... "

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