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Numbness In My Hands

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(Numbness in hand)
11,977 conversations around the web about Numbness In My Hands to help you make a decision
11,977 conversations around the web about Numbness In My Hands to help you make a decision
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Hysterectomy & Numbness In My Hands

We found 30 discussions
" I had a lot of numbness in my hands after my epi with my hysterectomy. It took several weeks to all come back, but... "

" ...bad at all. Have some numbness in my hands today, posted that question on the post hysterectomy thread. Overall, I'm... "

" ...of the symptoms I had besides the outrageous quick weight gain, was the numbness in my hands and feet. Don't know anything I had a hysterectomy 3 years... "

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" ...some time. i had a hysterectomy at 31 and not i am 45. i am on patches ...but i get this awful numbness in the hands in the mornings..i didnt know weather it was something... "

" ...days post op - hysterectomy (uterus/certix) and tummy tuck. I stopped Lortab 2 nights ago. ...Should I do Aleve instead? Also, weird thing, left hand numbness/tingling pretty much constant for... "

" ...and hand numbness I am 6 mo. post op full hysterectomy and am experiencing joint ...a spine MRI. Am not on anything other than calcium and vitamins. I counter without my hand goi... "

" ...2.5 years had a hysterectomy as a preventative so then I was put on Aromasin. I had headaches arm aches and numbness in my hands as well. I switched ...much better. My bone pain is slowly... "

" ...wack. I had a hysterectomy Last year and ...seemed wrong was my TSH was just a little high. The numbness in my hands however progressed to one whole side of my body I was also breathless and tir... "

" ...then changed to Arimidex after my hysterectomy...I ...for almost 2 yrs now and have few se's.....I have mild night sweats and am beginning to have some hip/joint pain, I have numbness in my hand... "

" ...i had to have a hysterectomy in July and I have ...and moodiness and just feeling blue I am having my hands go numb.this started when I had my this normal? I just started... "

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