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Knee Pain

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Knee pain is a common complaint for many people. There are several factors that can cause knee pain. Awareness and knowledge of knee p...
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Common Knee Pain treatments discussed around the web
Ibuprofen 1,877 Glucosamine 1,564 Tylenol 1,057
133,932 conversations around the web about Knee Pain to help you make a decision
133,932 conversations around the web about Knee Pain to help you make a decision
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Hysterectomy & Knee Pain

We found 128 discussions
" ...and knee pain from fibroids? Those of you who had low back, hip or knee pain from fibroids, how soon after hysterectomy did you get relief? Mine was awful last night; I woke up several times... "

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" ...hysterectomy in my 30's & jan 2014 removal of ovaries. These blogs are so important for us!! I have referred to them repeatedly. Yes, I have a doctor. Anyways, I plan to let you all know what happe... "

" I also have severe knee pain. I had complete hysterectomy and I am not taking hrt. But the joint stoop. I am taking 1500 calcium, black cohosh and now... "

" ...Reports for Hysterectomy dates Sep 30-Oct ...evening time. My pain scale in ...2-3, compared to my knee pain which on a daily basis is a 6 or higher. I only take ibuprofen for the time being... "

" can make to knee pain and other aches and pains.I was on antibiotics after having hysterectomy op and before that i was having knee pain up and down my ...a while the pain came sure i... "

" ...I hope you have pain medicne to keep ...I, myself am having a lot of knee pain tonight. I ran out of vicodin and my onc can't ...gynacologist to inquire about hysterectomy on Thursday. When ... "

" op full hysterectomy and am experiencing joint pain in knees, elbows and behind shoulders. I also am having numbness/tingling in arms ...MRI. Am not on anything other than calcium and... "

" ...I have had joint pain in my knees and hips for the past year. I just have been taking motrin when it gets intolerable. My mother has rhumatoid arthritis and has with my Hysterectomy ( I al... "

" ...progress as well as a bad cold. I still have swelly belly late in the afternoons if I overdo it. I am sleeping well; finally limited insomnia and building up my energy. It is still hard for me... "

" ...way of eating. You have my sympathy regarding the hysterectomy and impending knee replacement. Do you anticipate your knee pain subsiding as your body releases the extra weight? Hope... "

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