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Hypothyroidism (pronounced ) is a condition in which the thyroid gland does not make enough thyroid hormone. (a deficiency of thyroid ...
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Common Hypothyroidism treatments discussed around the web
Synthroid 42,223 Levothyroxine 12,724 Cytomel 7,289
409,164 conversations around the web about Hypothyroidism to help you make a decision
409,164 conversations around the web about Hypothyroidism to help you make a decision
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Hypothyroidism & Vaginal Itching

0.18% of the posts that mention Vaginal Itching also mention Hypothyroidism (7 posts)
Vaginal Itching
We found 7 discussions
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" ...disorder. Recently she has developed vaginal itching, burning, swelling and ...have not gone away. Has anyone ever tried accupuncture to treat hypothyroidism and chronic yeast syndrome?... "

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" ...blood .. i had history of vaginal itching problem for which ...fluconazole.. is this serious?also my treatment for hypothyroidism is going on.....and taking 125mg of eltroxin daily... please sug... "

" ...have had an underactive thyroid since I was ...April and results were very low thyroid and I was told to increase my thyroxine from 75mg Other symptoms I have are deep vaginal itchi... "

" ...complained about other symptons(vaginal itching) he just said ...glucose monitor. He has done his best to help me control my diabetes over the ...i was diagnosed with hypothyroid disease when... "

" major side effects to speak of, just some vaginal itching (sorry if TMI), but that seems to have gone have at least half of the symptoms of hypothyroid, so I'm... "

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" ...reading some things about the hypothyroid issue. I found my basal ...yeast infections. The itching I have is not actually vaginal itching (I've had that before and... "

" ...a 6 months now from vaginal itching almost a week before period. ...3 or 4 times. About me: I am 39, low thyroid on Eltroxin treatment for 6 years. I have polycystic ovaries and... "

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