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Hypothyroidism (pronounced ) is a condition in which the thyroid gland does not make enough thyroid hormone. (a deficiency of thyroid ...
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Common Hypothyroidism treatments discussed around the web
Synthroid 41,814 Levothyroxine 12,539 Cytomel 7,177
404,445 conversations around the web about Hypothyroidism to help you make a decision
404,445 conversations around the web about Hypothyroidism to help you make a decision
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Hypothyroidism & Septicemia

0.15% of the posts that mention Septicemia also mention Hypothyroidism (11 posts)
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" ...anyone suffered from Meningococcal septicaemia in your 50s? ...self. She was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid whilst being treated for Meningococcal septicaemia. She often feels light-hea... "

" Has even suffered from Meningococcal septicaemia and an underactive thyroid? Hi. I am in my 50's and suffered BM and Septicaemia in May 2011. It has left me with frontal lobe damage along with... "

" ...any problems with dysmaturity or septicemia after birth then maybe there ...growth issues. Do you have any problems with hypothyroidism on your place? Has she... "

" ...aged 11yrs. I've just found out that I have a very underactive thyroid. I don't know if its due to my pass first son to Meningicoccal Septicemia at 9mths old (181/2yrs ago)... "

" ...because 42, overweight, hypothyroid, thin uterus and prone to... "

" ...42, overweight, hypothyroid, thin uterus... "

" ...infection a. gardener syn b. hypothyroidism(not sure) c.hypopitutarism d. hyperthyroidism 2. ...dont show? a. bacterimia b. septicemia c. pyremia d. uremia 4.... "

" ...for 10 years, also lots of other stuff, arthritis, hypo thyroid etc, and cos I'm on morphine for arthritis, my ...ended up with full blown septicaemia and septic shock. I weas... "

" ...threatening event, like heart attack/stroke/ septicemia, etc, or is in an ...axis and may become hypo--as the body is stressed ...the elderly under physical stress. Hypo situations may res... "

" ...arthritis and hypothyroidism. recently she my mother is having rheumatoid arthritis and hypothyroidism. recently she developed cellulitis of her left leg and subsequently septicaemia with massive... "

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