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Hypothyroidism (pronounced ) is a condition in which the thyroid gland does not make enough thyroid hormone. (a deficiency of thyroid ...
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Common Hypothyroidism treatments discussed around the web
Synthroid 41,799 Levothyroxine 12,532 Cytomel 7,176
404,326 conversations around the web about Hypothyroidism to help you make a decision
404,326 conversations around the web about Hypothyroidism to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism & Rash On My Neck

0.27% of the posts that mention Rash On My Neck also mention Hypothyroidism (9 posts)
Rash On My Neck
We found 9 discussions
" ...ago and found out I was hypothyroid at 27 yrs old. I started on .25mcg and now at .50 daily of levothyroxine. I have developed a horrible skin rash on my neck, chest, shoulders, and upper back.... "

" ...rash, levothyroxine, skin creams, skin problem Thanks to everyone for their courage to post their effects. I was tested 4 months ago and found out I was hypothyroid ...of levothyroxine. I have d... "

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" ...husband noticed a small rash on my neck about a year ago it is light red with fine bumps since then .... the rash is spreading down my ...very fine. i have a hx of hypothyroidism and raynauds... "

" Hello, i have an underactive thyroid and get these terrible hot flushes too, but they will be just certain points will give me heat rash on my neck,shoulders and chest too but my... "

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" I am hypothyroid and I have been seeing ..., as well as a rash on my neck , none of which has's related to poorly managed hypothyroidism treatment. I have an appointment... "

" ...on their books with hypothyroidism and PA at my ...they shingles, all over christmas I has a rash on my neck and eyes ( ...anti depressant tablets until a locom dix hypothyroidism - no one wi... "

" ...but even if I was hypothyroid, it might not show in ...For the second time already I got a strange rash on my neck that appeared a couple of hours after the jab... "

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" ...d&c) and I broke out in a horrrrrible painful rash on my neck! So I guess the antibiotics mess with my stomach.... ...feel better, my mom has hypothyroidism, and she had 2 kids... "

" ...and head tingling where I cannot touch my scalp, neck rash, face and clavical bone on/off swelling, nervousness, thirsty, tingling ...have all the signs of Hypothyroidism but my TSH and T4... "

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