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Hypothyroidism (pronounced ) is a condition in which the thyroid gland does not make enough thyroid hormone. (a deficiency of thyroid ...
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Common Hypothyroidism treatments discussed around the web
Synthroid 41,946 Levothyroxine 12,609 Cytomel 7,211
405,861 conversations around the web about Hypothyroidism to help you make a decision
405,861 conversations around the web about Hypothyroidism to help you make a decision
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Hypothyroidism & PVC's

0.14% of the posts that mention PVC's also mention Hypothyroidism (240 posts)
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We found 240 discussions
" on Armour thyroid and am not having them anymore. I know that there are more diseases and things that can cause PVCs but just... "

" ...- magnesium, potassium, CoenzymeQ10, B6, B12, iron, Omega-3 fish oil pills. (If your body is low in any of them, simple supplementation may get rid of your PVC's. Just ...I have PVC's, but am hy... "

" ...can prosper . Surprisingly for me, once my thyroid condition (hypo) got under control with medications my PVCs vanished. It was like ...beating since it wasn't beating with PVCs. The \"he... "

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" PVC's I had PVC's for over a year which ...end of that year. I had treatment for severe hypothyroidism and a vitamin b12 deficiency ...treatment I went from bigeminy pvcs to none at all, very... "

" ...thanks for your replies Levothyroxine gives me tachycardia and ventricular ectopics even when I am hypo - 150mcg gives me ...supplement with Vit D and Vit B's and all my blood work is normal ap... "

" ...many Hypo people get a lot of PVC's? I feel all my symptoms are hypo ones, except I get these PVC's all the time. ...back this week. PVC's are one ... "

" ...skip a beat & then a big thump) too, I think it was from the \"swings\" you get with hashis (palps when you're hyper, PVCs when you're hypo). I rarely get palps since I've been... "

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" ...and I have been diagnosed as HYPO-thyroid with bouts of tach and lots of PVC's. I also get these night normal when you experience tach and PVC's. This apparently is just uncomfortable... "

" ...quite a few haha go figureI have my second biofeedback on Friday and I really need to go on to e couch I think that's what it's called I'm such an overthinker!! I always think of other questions as... "

" ...of PVC's (palpitations) when I was hypo, but have never had them from the T3. Just goes to show how complicated and individual this whole thyroid thing is, huh? ANd so many docs just want to thro... "

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