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Hypospadias is a birth defect of the urethra in the male that involves an abnormally placed urinary meatus (the opening, or External u...
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5,371 conversations around the web about Hypospadias to help you make a decision
5,371 conversations around the web about Hypospadias to help you make a decision
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Hypospadias & Pain Relief Medications

We found 95 discussions
" ...ds had hypospadia (sp?) so we the him circ'd.. He had pain meds for a day but... "

" ...for my baby aftger his minor hypospadias and chordee surgery? any tips? ...clean it. Did you give pain meds round the clock? change diapers... "

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" hypospadias surgery next day question Dr said to stop prescription pain killer and bladder spasm medication today. doing good but pain killer due to wear off ...want him to feel pain first... "

" ...year and was fine. he was born with Hypospadias which meant his foreskin didnt ...we gave him the prescribed painkillers and he never complained about any discomfort (except trying to keep... "

" ...Isaihs surgery to repair his hypospadias and circumsize him was today i was sooo sad ...little penis looks horrible though im glad he gets pain meds bc it has to hurt were at home already... "

" ...circd though is because he was born with hypospadias. We were not going to ...forskin though due to the hypospadias. He came home on heavy duty pain meds after his surgery. We won't... "

" ...they feel, after the hypospadias correction surgery, you will get sent home with pain meds. Our doc told us to switch over to regular Tylenol or Motrin after ...Unfortunately, he got sick right ... "

" ...I do have a friend whose youngest son had hypospadias. My understanding is that it was moderately severe. He ...overnight). He was on some pain relievers for a few days and... "

" ...the second (testicle). He had hypospadias, malformed undescended testicle and chordee. ...pain management. Yes, he is pain now but it ...and Rx appropriate outpatient pain meds to keep him ... "

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" ...April 21st to correct his hypospadia. He'll have an epidural and baby for surgery! I know he'll be in pain afterwards, but they will be giving him tylenol with codeine. My poor sweet ba... "

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