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Hypoglycemia or hypoglyc mia (not to be confused with hyperglycemia) is the medical term for a state produced by a lower than no...
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Common Hypoglycemia treatments discussed around the web
Glucagen 56 Glucagon Emergency KIT 24 GlucaGen HypoKit 15
293,202 conversations around the web about Hypoglycemia to help you make a decision
293,202 conversations around the web about Hypoglycemia to help you make a decision
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Hypoglycemia & Antihistamines - Systemic

We found 553 discussions
" ...hear Kate ended up in hospital with all those hypos. Glad she's ...about the antihistamines... "

" ...SE's such as weight gain, hypoglycemia, and diabetes in some patients. ...more or less like an antihistamine. I will stick with diphendydramine ...that. Wished they helped my allergies... "

" ...the lexapro pill try antihistamines such as travel sickness ...may calm you better get some heartburn indigestion tablets, chew food well ...if you are getting hypoglycemia, that is blo... "

" ...all through the day as well. I take an antihistamine now and my appetite is completely normal. I've had severely low blood sugar crises and also low thyroid, but for me this... "

" ...common in boys. Our doctor put him on an antihistamine called Periactin that prevented the daily headaches. After 18 months the cycle broke. His trigger was low blood sugar, so we changed his... "

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" ...tell us more about reactive hypoglycemia. would be so cool. I ...time now after I took B12 and antihistamines. I dont know the connection ...serotonin? who knows). i feel better but my skin ... "

" ...aren't antihistamines a type of steroid? It's just that I have been following the thread about Addison's disease where severe hypos can ...Steroid treatment is needed for people with Addison's.... "

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" ...can incease when you have low blood sugar levels so a dose of ...and make you feel better. I can't stand ...good to know about the antihistamines Yalanna! I get terrible hayfever and didn't ... "

" ...and always attributed it to hypoglycemia but then found out my ...are normal. I started having GI problems after my first DD ...GI tract. When I'm on antihistamines (and A LOT of them)... "

"'s just dizziness, not vertigo. My mother and ...her's is caused by low blood sugar because she is diabetic. Maybe check your blood sugar. My doctor recommended an antihistamine for me. My m... "

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