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(Hypochondriacal personality)
Hypochondriasis or hypochondria (sometimes referred to as health phobia or health anxiety) refers to excessive preoc...
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84,875 conversations around the web about Hypochondriac to help you make a decision
84,875 conversations around the web about Hypochondriac to help you make a decision
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Hypochondriac & Narcissistic Personality Disorder

0.09% of the posts that mention Narcissistic Personality Disorder also mention Hypochondriac (10 posts)
Narcissistic Personality Disorder
We found 10 discussions
" ...1/7th of the way to having narcissistic personality disorder... He may well simply be a troubled teenager. Having a friend with hypochondriac tendencies wouldn't be helping, I'm... "

" ...or if they suspect I'm a hypochondriac? No. I asked my p-doc ...ever actually tell someone to their face that they had, say narcissistic personality disorder? (because no one has told my dad or ... "

" ...suffer from narcissistic personality disorder ...root of my problem. I also have a sensitive ego, and I always felt that was normal (where else would the terminology \"bruised ego\" come from?)... "

" ...given on this forum include: hypochondria bipolar disorder histrionic personality disorder compensatory narcissistic personality disorder schizophrenia borderline personality disorder depression... "

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" ...not sure she's a sociopath. Having researched pathological liars and NPD (narcissistic personality disorder), I've got a pretty good ...up against. Of course, a hypochondriac can look at any... "

" a mental hypochondriac It seems like ...that I have schizophrenia, manic depression, ...disorder, agorahobia, dysthymic disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, ADD, schizoid personali... "

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" ...of self. Probably has narcissistic personality disorder. Makes unstable relationships with ...and callous, probable antisocial personality. Hypochondriac. 3) ArmsMerchant: A superstitious... "

" ...I got sick - it inconvienced her and she can't be sympathetic (narcissistic personality) so she convinces herself I'm a hypochondriac and acts like I'm overstating things. SO I moved... "

" ...1, all the negative symptoms of Sz (anhedonia) passive aggressive personality disorder, anxiety disorder, Severe panic attacks, hypochondria's, narcissistic personality disorder.... "

" ...(2-5 years?) Andrew was severe hypochondriac and OCD and still using ...1, passive aggressive personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder. He presents ALL negative symptoms... "

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