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Hyperthyroidism is the term for overactive tissue within the thyroid gland causing an overproduction of thyroid hormones (thyroxine or...
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Common Hyperthyroidism treatments discussed around the web
Synthroid 11,636 Methimazole 2,967 Tapazole 2,614
139,268 conversations around the web about Hyperthyroidism to help you make a decision
139,268 conversations around the web about Hyperthyroidism to help you make a decision
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Hyperthyroidism & Shoulder Pain

0.04% of the posts that mention Shoulder Pain also mention Hyperthyroidism (40 posts)
Shoulder Pain
We found 40 discussions
" ...pain....none of you think it's from the meds? I take tapazole and It came on kind of slowly since December,I was put on the meds in September. It's a common side effect of the med. What... "

" are hyper right ...TSH has been suppressed since Graves back in 2002, then had RAI in 2004(big mistake) I have been hyper, hypo back and forth. With hyper, my shoulders hurt, headaches.... "

" ...taking 112 Synthroid and went hyper. They lowered my Synthroid to 100. A couple spreading and now my shoulders hurt and sometimes my legs and ...was on 112 and went hyper, and am now h... "

" ...hyper... rapid heartbeat, rapid pulse,and had to pull back on it. Then my T3 and T4 did exactly what yours has done... exactly. So I asked my doctor to add back ...having a lot of shoulder pai... "

" ...shortness of breath, shoulder pain, chest pain, muscle ...familiar to anyone. I have been previously diagnosed with hyperthyroidism (which is under control with medication), Gerd (which is also... "

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" down on Synthroid at 88 mcg. I go next week for labs and a follow-up to the Endo. She thought that I should have been fine with the 125 mcg. dose she put me on, but I went hyper with that, so... "

" him if the t-3 diagnosis can be a sign of Graves,80-90% of hyper is Graves. My shoulders hurt,and I've been on meds 4 months, going to an ortho guy in a... "

" still on the hyper side so he increased ...first it seems. I have some shoulder pain but it's being controlled now with a drug called Mobic, which is like a glorified Motrin. I don't know if ... "

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" ...Hi Was prescribed carbimazole as was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid on 1st December. After reading ...I found that I wasn't sleeping well again, my shoulder pains were back, energy level... "

" ...a silly question, but can overactive thyroid, etc, give you joint pain? work and it hurt like hell then...also my elbows and shoulders hurt a lot too, mainly at night making it harder... "

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