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Hyperthyroidism is the term for overactive tissue within the thyroid gland causing an overproduction of thyroid hormones (thyroxine or...
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Common Hyperthyroidism treatments discussed around the web
Synthroid 11,632 Methimazole 2,966 Tapazole 2,614
139,212 conversations around the web about Hyperthyroidism to help you make a decision
139,212 conversations around the web about Hyperthyroidism to help you make a decision
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Hyperthyroidism & PCOS

0.81% of the posts that mention Hyperthyroidism also mention PCOS (1,124 posts)
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We found 1,124 discussions
" ...was diagnosed with PCOS and Hyperthyroidism, too. I was shocked that my thyroid was over active as I am over weight (normally with lose weight). My endo prescribed Metformin fo... "

" I don't think Jillian Michaels has PCOS - she is hyperthyroid and has estrogen dominance according to her book. I ...spice purely because she has PCOS but has had three kids... "

" ...thyroid/hyperthyroid? I have pcos but also have an overactive thyroid. Curious if ...Take care everyone!! P.S If you have an overactive thyroid what kind of treatment are you doing... "

" ...maybe only hypothyroid will cause milk supply problems. i am only mildly hyperthyroid, plus i have PCOS (which causes weight gain), so nett-nett, i am a bit overweight... "

" ...can totally relate to PCOS issues affecting schooling. I well and I do not show up with hyperthyroidism. I was diagnosed this semester with PCOS, and put on Metformin. It hasn't really... "

" I have PCOS (37 cysts to date), am on Clomid but I also have Hashimotos Disease (Hyperthyroidism). I thought maybe the Pos. OPK's were too goo to be true but I retested and kept... "

" october of 04. I found out I have PCOS and am now on MET for that plus I am hyperthyroid and ........ I started clomid second round this year so far. Hubby has two... "

" ...PCOS. Now, I hadn't heard of it before but I guess he could tell by a few symptoms I had like skin tags and high testosterone levels. He gave me ...hyperthyroid and he has dropped me to 112 mg I... "

" ...too was diagnosed with with PCOS a little over ...and aunt have hyperthyroidism and my mom had thyroid cancer and is now on a daily synthroid dose) but ...issue'.... so, any PCOS buddies out ... "

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" Glucophage XR Hi! I am in the process of being diagnosed with PCOS. I have had a fasting accepted med for PCOS has anyone had their ...for Inderol when I was hyperthyroid because it was... "

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