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Hyperreflexia is defined as overactive or overresponsive reflexes. Examples of this can include Muscle contraction or spastic tendenci...
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2,621 conversations around the web about Hyperreflexia to help you make a decision
2,621 conversations around the web about Hyperreflexia to help you make a decision
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Hyperreflexia & Vitamin B12 Deficiency

0.57% of the posts that mention Hyperreflexia also mention Vitamin B12 Deficiency (15 posts)
Vitamin B12 Deficiency
We found 15 discussions
" Ariel, I suffered a severe vitamin b12 deficiency, and your symptoms have some similarities. I have hyperreflexia due to central nervous system damage, and also the... "

" --hyperreflexia is not as common in ...contract too briskly. Rose has talked about hyperreflexia being common in the spinal involved in advancing B12 deficiency. Spinal MS can definite... "

", it would be detected before either hypo- or hyperreflexia would occur. B12 deficiency would, theoretically, lead to eventual dysfunction of most neurons... "

" Vitamin B12 deficiency: hyporeflexia or hyperreflexia First Aid 2012 (page 451) said hyperreflexia but the newest errata says ...lesion...which should result in hyperreflexia. Does anyone know t... "

" ...can cause either or both (hyporreflexia/hyperreflexia) is B12 deficiency. I can personally vouch for ...out of date on the B12 subject) medical textbook. Goldman: Cecil.... "

" ...B12 deficiency: hyporeflexia or hyperreflexia SDN Members don't see ...2012 (page 451) said hyperreflexia but the newest errata ...lesion...which should result in hyperreflexia. Does anyon... "

" would appear that my B12 levels were checked back in ...I found online says that B12 deficiency causes a reduction in reflexes GP that I suffered from hyper reflexia. Its always bee... "

" --as regards hyperreflexia, or exaggerated reflex response, it ...with hyperthyroid or hyperparathyroid conditions. Hyperreflexia is more often associated with ...or degeneration due to... "

" ...degeneration occurs with vitamin B12 deficiency. Patients will complain ...signs (plantar extension and hyperreflexia). Diagnosis is established by finding a low serum B12 and treatment is with... "

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" ...weakness and cramping of her left leg. ...muscles of both legs, hyperactive reflexes in the upper and ...C. Lambert-Eaton syndrome D. Vitamin B12 deficiency E. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosi... "

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