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Hydronephrosis is distend and dilation of the renal pelvis calyx (kidney), usually caused by obstruction of the free flow of urmne fr...
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5,261 conversations around the web about Hydronephrosis to help you make a decision
5,261 conversations around the web about Hydronephrosis to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Hydronephrosis

Hydronephrosis & Kidney Disease

5.34% of the posts that mention Hydronephrosis also mention Kidney Disease (281 posts)
Kidney Disease
We found 281 discussions
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" ...My son Sam has kidney problems. He had reflux from ...formed as well. He was born with hydronephrosis (enlarged kidneys) and is ...He has to take antibiotics everyday (trimethoprim). I'v... "

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" ...issue. My DS had some kidney problems and they said he ...child. My sister has cerebral palsey and epilepsy.I had accepted the ...without DS but has a kidney condition called hydronephrosis. ... "

" ...just that ~ hydronephrosis. I asked about ...pressure' leading to kidney problems. I was clear, ...all the options. There may be another way to treat the hydronephrosis without having a... "

" ...him. I'm due a few weeks after my sons 1st birthday. I have kidney disease and they just told me I have hydronephrosis . I also have a history of preterm pregnancies. I'm worried about my... "

" ...I am diagnosed with FMS and I ...seizures. I was diagnosed with hydronephrosis had many kidney and bladder infections and I found out last year that i have minimal kidney damage, so the kidney t... "

" Hydronephrosis I have had Hydronephrosis for a couple of years ...a while I have a deep stabbing pain in the kidney My dad does have polycycstic kidney disease, is that genetic? My urol... "

" ...glad all was well. I have been having terrible kidney problems called hydronephrosis. They originally thought I could... "

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" ...along with your age? They are associated with kidney disorder . They can cause hydronephrosis or pyelonephritis... "

" ...kidney transplant and i hope she never does. She was born with hydronephrosis iv, it caused server kidney damage and alot of developmental problems. She's turning 6 next... "

" Our middle son (bio) has preauricular pits in both ears. He also was born with kidney problems. He has hydronephrosis of the right kidney and reflux in the left. He is now 3 and has been released... "

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