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Hydrocortisone is taken for: Itching Eczema Rash Inflammation Addison's Disease More


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Cortisol (hydrocortisone) is a corticosteroid hormone, or glucocorticoid, produced by the adrenal gland. It is released in response to...
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Hydrocortisone for Cradle Cap
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Hydrocortisone & Cradle Cap

546 discussions around the web mention both
Cradle Cap
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Cradle Cap
We found 546 discussions
my son has had bad cradle cap and a spotty (although not...
" ...cradle cap and a spotty (although not itchy - it's not excema) rash in his groin, under his neck, back of elbows and behind knees. the pedi saw him and said it was sebhorric (sp?) dermatitis. He pr... "

day 1! He used to have cradle cap mildly but now thats gone...
" ...cradle cap mildly but now thats gone I think he has eczema on his head. He scratches it constantly, we cant leave him alone because he pulls his hat and mittens off! The doc gave us a shampoo to us... "

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cradle cap and/or eczema and has been scratching as well....
" ...eczema and has been scratching as well. I brought it up at his 4mo appt, but the pedi just said to put the hydrocortisone ...what has worked for others. I've switched to the California Baby... "

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swear the cradle cap had almost disappeared within 2 weeks...
" ...cradle cap had almost disappeared within 2 weeks of using it. It also helps with his skin. We also have Diprobase cream to use on a daily basis. For flare ups our GP has prescribed a hydrocortisone... "

she used on MY cradle cap 45 years ago! We also used a...
" ...ago! We also used a soft toothbrush to loosen what loosened easily. Abby's cradle cap got pretty bad from 4-6 months, and it obviously bothered her as she was scratching it. In addition to the... "

son has both cradle cap and eczema. For the cradle cap I...
" ...cradle cap I have been putting olive oil on it and letting it sit for 20 mins or so and then combing it off with a fine tooth comb. It hasn't come back since I did this about two weeks ago. For... "

cream for the cradle cap? Parker had killer cradle crap...
" Jill, Have you tried hydrocortisone cream for the cradle cap? Parker had killer cradle crap when he was a baby that nothing would take away. Our doc... "

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cream are amazing! His cradle cap is gone, his reaction...
" The Pepcid and hydrocortisone cream are amazing! His cradle cap is gone, his reaction on... "

My DD has some cradle cap issues mostly on her eyebrows...
" ...for cradle cap? Wwyd My DD has some cradle cap issues mostly on her eyebrows and between her eyes, not so much on her scalp, but some. Dr Rxd hydrocortisone 2% in the... "

cause...poor kid has cradle cap that just won't quit,...
" ...hydrocortisone (2%) ointment and it helped but as soon as I stopped using it the eczema came back. I've heard overuse (more than 2 weeks nonstop) can cause skin damage so we've switched to more lot... "

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