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Treato results for Hydrocodone and Sinus Headaches

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Help people by sharing experiences you've had with Hydrocodone or Sinus Headaches - your story could impact others.
Treato My Voice
By jack
March 28, 2014
jack wrote
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By no to drugs
March 26, 2014
no to drugs wrote
what it did to me a 15 year old kid
please give me some advise
no to drugs  |  March 27, 2014
please give me some feed back my life is bad right now
no to drugs  |  March 26, 2014
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By Adriana saenz
February 24, 2014
Adriana saenz wrote
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By hms7777
December 25, 2013
hms7777 wrote
it just helps you sleep
no to drugs  |  March 26, 2014
When I started on Clonidine I pretty much became narcoleptic for a period of a few hours about 1.5-2 hours after taking it. There were times I'd literally fall asleep standing up at work, my coworkers kept taking pictures of me, haha. It got better after a couple weeks, but it was tough to work my way through. I'm on 1mg AM, 1mg PM. I work overnights and loved the AM pill as it'd knock me right out and I'd sleep great! Been on about 6 months now and it doesn't affect me in that regard at
Mike  |  February 5, 2014
I had the same issue when withdrawing from my fentanyl patches. Discuss this concern with your doctor as I did. I had the dose reduced to .1 mg from .2 mg. I don't know what breaking in half will do. It's an immediate release pill so it might leech too much medicine in your system too fast like with many other meds. Once I got used to the .1, I went back up to .2 (I also have high blood pressure). It also works like a charm getting rid of the stinging in my feet due to a spinal injury. G
KJ  |  January 24, 2014
Clonidine lowers your blood pressure, so you can become light headed. You probably have solved this, but if not try half and then have a few hours later.
Anonymous  |  January 6, 2014
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By Rob
December 12, 2013
Rob wrote
Amenea Hydrocodone/APAP 10-325
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By Biggs
November 29, 2013
Biggs wrote
Pain management
Good for you others not so lucky I lost a uncle close to me that died on haroin he was cut off from doctor the same meds you are on. He couldn't handle the withdraws Don't want to sound or preitch to you but pat your self on the back
March 26, 2014
your still on OXY..
mp  |  March 5, 2014
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By Mike P
October 10, 2013
Mike P wrote
no to drugs  |  March 26, 2014
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By mgrace00
September 13, 2013
mgrace00 wrote
Hydrocodone/Wellbutrin SR Personal Experience
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28 online discussions about Hydrocodone and Sinus Headaches found:

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...Rid Of Sinus Headaches? My ...I got a major headache this morning, feels like my eyes are gonna pop out of my head. Took a Zyrtec and excedrin, didn't do anything. I took a hydrocodone and it...
4 days and put me in bed, it hurt so much, and Tylenol...
I had a whopper of a sinus headache at 6 weeks that lasted 4 days and put me in bed, it hurt so much, and Tylenol has never done anything ...that you can take hydrocodone (Vicodin ) during...
I only take excedrin if I have sinus headache- works for...
...day of WD from Hydrocodone. Amazing. I have relief. ...after 2 yrs. of Hydrocodone, then Morphin, OxyIR, Percocet ...start again??? grrrr. I only take excedrin if I have sinus headache- works...
I took Hydrocodone 1000. Normally works, but this time,...
...I have been suffering since last night with a severe right forehead throbbing pain and behind my right eye and now the right upper nose bridge area. Thought it was a migraine and I took Hydrocodon...
take hydrocodone for Severe Sinus Headaches. I get killer...
...Is it okay to take hydrocodone for Severe Sinus Headaches. I get killer headaches, and ...to h...
did end up writing me 5mg hydrocodone but the prescription...
...sinus headache ever, they gave me IV morphine and it made no difference at all, that was scary. Hubby is making me some scrambled eggs so I can eat before I take my pain meds - the doc did end up w...
prescribed hydrocodone for sinus headaches, and have had...
Hydrocodone and GERD So, I started ...in the addictions board. I started being prescribed hydrocodone for sinus headaches, and have had a few ...feeling occurring from taking hydrocodone? Any h...
doc gave me hydrocodone for pain...so I was asleep through...
...sinus headaches occasionally (different from my tmj headaches) because my sinuses ten to dry out (like the rest of my skin and hair)and I have to use tons of saline. Anyway....the sinus that was i...
headache then I take a hydrocodone and it goes away. I...
...hydrocodone and it goes away. I thought it would be much worse than this. I've gotten a second good thing out of this sinus surgery - I now have a more \"normal\" schedule - I'm getting used to goi...
doctors even prescribe hydrocodone for it it...
...doctors even prescribe hydrocodone for it it is kind of funny that DXM is legal while marijuana is still illegal as far as headaches ...i usually have sinus headaches because my nasal...
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