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Hydrocodone or dihydrocodeinone is a semi-synthetic opioid derived from either of two naturally occurring opiates: codeine and t...
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Hydrocodone for Pain
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Does Hydrocodone cause Nightmares ?

Nightmares is a known side effect of Hydrocodone
#29 in Hydrocodone discussions - 128 posts discuss Nightmares with Hydrocodone. Nightmares is #29 concern in Hydrocodone discussions.
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Adriana saenz
hi I'm Adriana I am 15 years old and well the dc gave me hydros to take my pain away from surgery I just had and well the 2nd night I started having nightmares ?! and well it's been a week and well the dreams get more and more advance now I will wake up but I can't move ? & ill stay like that for abt. 8mnts w. out moving or talking until I snap out of it .. and during the day my moods change and I really need these pills cuz of the pain but the side affects are just to crazy and well I don't mind a few bad dreams here and there but I hear voices when I wake up , I mean the dreams are bloody murder dreams I wake up scared and my heart rate is off the charts .. but I say the worst part abt. hydros is sometimes when you wake up you stay in shock you can't move or talk and your hallucinating almost like a cheap high .. but many ppl are different I'm just saying what iv experienced ..
August 3, 2014
Talk to the doctor who prescribed the pills. There are a lot of pain medications and people react differently to them. There could be a different class of medication or even dosage of the same medication that don't cause these side effects. The important thing is to talk to your doctor.
July 13, 2014
Sleep paralysis is a side effect of narcotics. It is a less likely side effect but does happen more than you think.
I love how people try to diagnose you with narcolepsy over the Internet.
May 30, 2014
its called sleep paralysis. look it up, happens to me every night. its side effects from narcolepsy.
May 13, 2014
the reason you cant move after a dream is because while you are sleeping you body makes chemicals so you cant move. when you wake up from a dream you are just feeling the chemicals in your body. it had nothing to do with the meds.

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" ...well. I also had a friend that told me their father had to stop taking Hydrocodone due to all the nightmares they were giving him. Not trying to shoot you down at all, U4ia, you know... "

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" ...the office, but I left a message, and will let the forum knows what a doctor will do about opiate induced nightmares, from hydrocodone... "

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" ...had hallucinations when they started taking Lyrica. My aunt had nightmares when she took hydrocodone, so it seems reasonable that oxycodone could cause some... "

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" ...internist just put me on Percoset for FMS pain but it ...else have this problem? I have tried hydrocodone and it gives me nightmares. Can't remember what ... "

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" panc. pain was never really responsive to hydrocodone anyway. Good luck. Dave L. hi dave! the hydrocodone gives me horrible nightmares. did it ever... "

" They sent me home with hydrocodone and ibuprofen. The only way ...full dose (2) of hydrocodone and alternate it with ...the full dose of hydrocodone gave me nightmares, so I ... "

" ...dreams. In fact, I had whimpering nightmares with hydrocodone. The switch to Percoset took care of that, although I went off the pain meds except on occasion as soon as... "

" ...just a crap load of pressure. I had morphine in the hospital and Oycodone, Hdrocodone and Utram at home. I took my pick, and the best was the Oxycodone. Hydrocodone, made me have nightmares.... "

" I was prescribed hydrocodone for about 3 weeks ...I fell asleep on hydrocodone I would have terrible nightmares that felt more real ...I'm sure heroine can give nightmares if hydrocodone... "

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