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Hydrocodone or dihydrocodeinone is a semi-synthetic opioid derived from either of two naturally occurring opiates: codeine and t...
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Hydrocodone for Inflammation
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Hydrocodone for Inflammation

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was surprised, wouldn't that mean I have alot of inflamation
" ...Dr had given me hydrocodone which did nothing for me. My daughter had 600mg ibuprofen so I took one. Wow it took the pain away, I was surprised,... "

all from the inflamation in my rectum. My family doctor...
" I had pain radiating from my vaginal area down into the inside of my legs to my knees. I even went to a GYN doctor. She told me it was all from the... "

I won't bore you with the other five meds for inflammation...
" I take hydrocodone for pain daily. I cannot function without it. I take quinnine for my leg cramping which helps. The doctors also sent in (new doctor) new meds... "

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when needed but that's about it. Would the inflammed...
" ...\"traumatized\" and should be fine. The pain comes and goes. I take the hydrocodone when needed but that's about it. Would the inflammed pulp not show up on... "

think the Tylenol helped much more with the inflammat...
" #31 I was also given \"tylenol\" in my IV every 4 hours, but it wasn't tylenol.  I can't remember the name but nurse said it was \"liquid tylenol\"   It was very effective.  At home I... "

nd i have a lot of inflammation). I take hydrocodone as...
" ...you said about being allergic to many meds. I have the same issue, but for me its NSAIDs, I can't take any anti-inflammatory (and i have a lot of inflammation). I take hydrocodone as needed at the... "

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The only thing I get any relief from is taking Hydrocodone...
" ...a patch of white inflammation behind the kneecap. It's to the point now where I, myself am the one looking up possible diagnosis for my pain which is so intense. Also I have been on countless... "

taken ibprofen because that lining will get inflammed. Take...
" ...take anti-inflammatories. I declined pain medication when I was done w/my liver biopsy and only took some hydrocodone, which just didn't help. I finally called the nurse on call and she said I... "

help. Especially since it helps relieve inflammation, which...
" I have taken Tramadol many times. It acts similar to a narcotic but its from the same class as ibuprofen and Aleve. I take it and feel like Im on Narcotics. It really helps with my fibromyalgia... "

I think is another name for it. I also take hydrocodone...
" ...is different. Have they tried Lodine. That has really helped for ...the muscles but also the inflammation. Etodalc I think is another name for it. I also take hydrocodone but that doesnt help so much... "

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