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Other names: Histinex HC
Prescribing mode: Rx
Hydrocodone or dihydrocodeinone is a semi-synthetic opioid derived from either of two naturally occurring opiates: codeine and t...
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Hydrocodone for Inflammation
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We analyzed what people said about Hydrocodone and compared it to other Pain medications
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Hydrocodone for Inflammation

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swelling and inflamation in my recently repaired rotator...
" Ibuprophen doesn't help with the pain as much as Hydrocodone, but is good for the swelling and inflamation in my recently repaired... "

no fluid in lungs like pneumonia. Gave me hydrocodone...
" ...radiation pnuemonitis. It's an inflammation of lung tissue due to radiation. Coughing, fatigue, no fluid in lungs like pneumonia. Gave me hydrocodone... "

celebrex? I do as well for inflamation--combo works--hope...
" ...am just being weaned of predisone and experinced quite a lot ...oxycontin and i also take hydrocodone for break through which ...every four hours--do you take... "

but it took away my joint pain. I've also used Hydrocodone...
" I was prescribed Mobic for inflamation (inflammation) and pain. Not sure what type of pain you're experiencing, but it took away my joint pain. I've also used Hydrocodone (Love that stuff but it's... "

was surprised, wouldn't that mean I have alot of inflamation
" ...Dr had given me hydrocodone which did nothing for me. My daughter had 600mg ibuprofen so I took one. Wow it took the pain away, I was surprised,... "

all from the inflamation in my rectum. My family doctor...
" I had pain radiating from my vaginal area down into the inside of my legs to my knees. I even went to a GYN doctor. She told me it was all from the... "

I won't bore you with the other five meds for inflammation...
" I take hydrocodone for pain daily. I cannot function without it. I take quinnine for my leg cramping which helps. The doctors also sent in (new doctor) new meds... "

good meds again. :-) My doc said it's probably inflammation...
" I am on ibuprofen but I stopped with the hydrocodone because I'm nursing and didn't think I needed it. I've learned my lesson and have started the good meds again. :-) My doc said it's probably... "

when needed but that's about it. Would the inflammed...
" ...\"traumatized\" and should be fine. The pain comes and goes. I take the hydrocodone when needed but that's about it. Would the inflammed pulp not show up on... "

think the Tylenol helped much more with the inflammat...
" #31 I was also given \"tylenol\" in my IV every 4 hours, but it wasn't tylenol.  I can't remember the name but nurse said it was \"liquid tylenol\"   It was very effective.  At home I... "

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