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Hydrangea + Doctor

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Ask a question
212 conversations around the web about Hydrangea + Doctor to help you make a decision
212 conversations around the web about Hydrangea + Doctor to help you make a decision
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Hydrangea & Doctor

We found 212 discussions
" Making gallons of Dr. Christopher?s Anti-Plague Formula 8 parts apple cider vinegar 5 ...1 part skullcap leaf concentrate 1 part uva ursi, hydrangea or gravel root concentrate... "

" Hi Hydrangea, Yep, Judy is right. It has to do with our platelets. Lupus will ...give a snapshot of how your general well-being is. A Lupus blood panel will help aid a doctor in a diagnosis.... "

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" doing something? It is Dr Hulda's recipe. Hydrangea root, Gravel root, Marshmallow root? ...never affected by it). Or vegetable Glycerin, the back cherry concentrate? I have omitted the... "

" ...Take one dropper of hydrangea root, two tb of ...oil three times a day. Doctor Christopher's kidney formula three capsules ...juice and distilled water. Stop taking calcium supplements, sod... "

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" ...about kidney stones, be sure you are adding the hydrangea/marshmallow/gravel root apple juice kidney stone dissolve routine too. This is all per Dr. Richard Shulze, and is in... "

" ...thread where someone asked about a ganglion cyst and Dr. White recommended hydrangea. I have a brachial left cyst (in front of ...and I was wondering if hydrangea would help me??? Is there... "

" ...someone else. This is what we have done. Take hydrangea root extract at least every hour. Start with one dropperful. Dr Christopher's kidney formula about ten capsules a day. Apple... "

" ...chronic pelvic pain. Can I ask what (if any) kins of treatment have you tried. I also suffer from chronic pelvic pain. I was diagnosed from a great doctor who sent me for ...the information to... "

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" Dr. Hardy's flush I like to ...Milk thistle Black walnut, and Hydrangea ( see herbology lesson one ...heals and protects the liver Hydrangea help to dissolve stones Black... "

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" Dr. Hardy's flush\ I like to liver flush like this\ ...herbal extract made of Milk thistle Black walnut, and Hydrangea ( see herbology lesson one posted on this forum... "

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