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Treato results for Humira and Nail Psoriasis

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Help people by sharing experiences you've had with Humira or Nail Psoriasis - your story could impact others.
Treato My Voice
By Marishka
September 20, 2014
Marishka wrote
Humira Treatment
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By cass
September 16, 2014
cass wrote
follow up to Sept 10
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By cass
September 10, 2014
cass wrote
follow up appt
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By Jazz
August 26, 2014
Jazz wrote
Humira & Bursitis
I also suddenly had hot flashes and hair loss.
Mary  |  September 7, 2014
I think it's from the humira, I started on humira in April. Within a month I started having back pain. I calked my doctor and told them. I wondered if u should stop taking humira. The doctor told me to keep taking it, after the next injection my hands , feet , knees and back were in terrible pain. I could hardly walk or bend down to pick anything up. I called the doctor again and right away they asked me if I had joint pain. I quit taking it. I still have painful joints a month later.
Mary  |  September 7, 2014
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By cass
August 18, 2014
cass wrote
humira side effects
The Dermatologist told me that Humira does not cause weight gain so not sure if something else is happening. I as well bruise easy, and do get like a bruise off/on but it goes away. I find that my legs and feet will sometimes' cramp really bad however I have come to realize that this is just prior to my next injection. It may happen 2 nights in a row then gone. Once I inject its' totally gone. Its' almost like a reminder, like oops...close to your next injection.
Marishka  |  November 29, 2014
having hair loss, hot flashes, joint aches all over, and severe weight gain (20 lbs) after 3 weeks on Humira
dj  |  October 6, 2014
I am h aving the tingling allergies and sore muscles
connie  |  September 6, 2014
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By mdep
July 10, 2014
mdep wrote
Humira side effects
Hello.....I have been on humira since August 2014 and then pain started in my teeth in Dec. it's been on going for 3 months. I don't have it when I wake up it starts later in the afternoon . I am getting tired of this went to an ENT, had an x- Ray of the sinus, went to see my dentist had a panoramic x- Ray of the jaw could't find anything.....now waiting for a c-scan. I almost feel like I want to stop this humira,,bruising is another side effect. Why won't the doctors agree it could be the humi
MH  |  March 3, 2015
I have been on Humira for approximately 4yrs. now. This year I am finding my teeth to be somewhat sensitive as well as my gumbs. As for neuropathy, I have never experienced this. I will say my husband has severe neuropathy but this is caused from him being diabetic. I honestly can not say that the Humira is causing the teeth sensitivity, I do believe that I have a lower bad tooth. Right now on anti-biotics for the tooth and using Orajel for it.
Marishka  |  November 29, 2014
I have been on Humria for 6 months. and my teeth are very sensitive I use sensodyne and a prescription from my Dentist. still cant eat ice cream
Johnny  |  October 24, 2014
I transitioned from remicade to humira July 21, 2014 and I am also experiencing significant foot pain like you describe and have had to take a medical leave. I am being told I most likely have small fiber neuropathy but none of the docs will say it is humira related since that side effect is so rare.
platinumpixie  |  September 28, 2014
Hi .... I'm Jazz have been on Humira since early April and now I'm having Sensitive teeth and painful jaw problems ... My Doc has put me on Mega Antibiotics for it .... Very interesting I have also developed Bursitis in both Shoulders since being on Humira :/
August 26, 2014
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By CarrieO
June 19, 2014
CarrieO wrote
Humira Plunge
I've been on humira for about 6 months. I don't feel that I have any side effects really other than feeling tired here and there. My advice to you is to exercise frequently if you can. Weights if possible and cut out anything with gluten, milk, high fructose corn syrup, any corn period for that matter including things made with corn by products and try to eat grass fed meat and take a probiotic daily. This has helped me tremendously. I was on sulfa, plaquinil and humira and now just humira and
Mandy  |  November 18, 2014
I'm getting better with the injections which I started in February of 2014. I'm noticing some other oddities like bruising and swelling NOT at injection site. I could not bend my knee for about 48 hours and it stopped just as suddenly as it started. I've also noticed tingling and stinging in my arms and hands as well as my legs and feet. Same thing, lasts about 24-36 hours then it's gone. Anybody else having these symptoms?
cass  |  August 18, 2014
Hello Carrie I understand what you are going thru its not fun. I usually get very irritable after I inject myself for a day or 2. The medicine works great but has many side effects I think everyone is different. And I agree the medicine doesn't last the full 2 weeks. Im going to ask if I can either switch or see if Humira can be injected every week. Glad you read about doing the injection in ur belly much more comfortable. Good luck girl keep moving ~
mdep  |  July 10, 2014
Comment on this post
By denarachel
May 31, 2014
denarachel wrote
Humira affecting depakote levels
Comment on this post
By Marly
April 25, 2014
Marly wrote
Humira and Pink Eye
My comment got cut off ...
That treatment for the pink eye sounds short. I don't recall what I prescribed, but your treatment may have been not aggressive enough to get rid of the pink eye entirely.
A  |  November 19, 2014
I had conjunctivitis while on Humira. I believe the cause of mine was getting something in my eye during the high winds a day or so prior, and it was definitely pink eye. I was also given an antibiotic eye drop, though for longer than 2 days - more like 5 days; I pushed back my injection by a day (on doctor's advice) and the conjunctivitis cleared up as would be expected, no particular effect from the Humira. Definitely ask your doctor before pushing back an injection. That treatment of the pin
A  |  November 19, 2014
Antibiotics do not help with iritis you would need something like pred forte eye drops it is not caused from the humorous, you need to see an ophthalmologist!
ANNABELLE  |  October 1, 2014
Did you ever determine if it was in fact pink eye? I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis after 2 bouts in 2 years with nasty iritis. Looks like pink eye but is inflammation.
cass  |  September 10, 2014
Comment on this post
By Linda Cooper
March 13, 2014
Linda Cooper wrote
Addition to previous comments
Comment on this post
By Linda Cooper
March 13, 2014
Linda Cooper wrote
Chrohn's disease
I was on Imuran for 23 years and was put on Humira instead after problems with the Imuran developed. Had some hair loss before Humira, but it quadrupled after the first week on Humira. I started expensive treatments to try to stop the hair loss. I've also gained 20 lbs in 3 weeks since starting the Humira. Considering stopping it. Doc says I'm not in remission, but I felt the best ever when I was nothing before starting the Humira. hmmmm....
dj  |  October 6, 2014
Comment on this post
By Mike
February 16, 2014
Mike wrote
Comment on this post
By Tanja H.
February 4, 2014
Tanja H. wrote
Dry Mouth/ Dry Eye
Comment on this post
By Ian
January 31, 2014
Ian wrote
Accredo Specialty Pharmacy & Humira
Accredo is the worst pharmacy. It took me 3 weeks to get my humira starter. Hopefully next pharmacy will be better.
Shiva  |  September 6, 2014
I just did my loading dose a few hours ago. The stress and discomfort was about what I expected..nothing over the top in any way! I truly believe that saying a prayer,following the directions and just 'doing i't is the way. There should not be excruciating pain...anything that I have read about that is just not accurate. Acredo was annoying at first. It has died down. We'll see when it comes to reorder time.
MaryBeth  |  June 8, 2014
I've had the same issues with them, I usually let them go to voice mail. After a few times not answering they've slowed down. Good luck with the Humira, I did my loading dose 3 weeks ago.
Sarah  |  May 17, 2014
I am having the same issues now with them.. One of my local pharmacies said they can take the prescription.. along with Walgreen just sending me a letter saying they now take my insurance for this Humira..I definitely would love for them to stop calling me also!! Thank god my phone is off ATM and I am just receiving the voicemails. Good Luck I am just starting my injections today! Keep me in your prayers and I will with you :-)
Melissa  |  May 10, 2014
Comment on this post
By HumiraJoe
January 28, 2014
HumiraJoe wrote
Humira and Alcohol
I have been on humira for about a year and cant drink wine anymore - apparantly I get very angry and abusive but I cant remember anything - has only happened since starting humira. No effect with spirits and beer etc so sticking with them
January 18, 2015
I have noticed a bit of difference, but have not bothered to see when it was during the month. I inject every other week...so maybe next time it seems excessive I'll try to write that down. Thanks for bringing that up.
cass  |  August 18, 2014
I have been on Humira for 4 years, and I have had some nights of moderate to heavy drinking without any side effect. Never blacked out.
Craig  |  April 10, 2014
Comment on this post
By Linda N
October 2, 2013
Linda N wrote
Xeljanz vs Humira
Comment on this post
By Cathy Campbell
August 10, 2013
Cathy Campbell wrote
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