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Humidifier + Hydrogen Peroxide

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147 conversations around the web about Humidifier + Hydrogen Peroxide to help you make a decision
147 conversations around the web about Humidifier + Hydrogen Peroxide to help you make a decision
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Humidifier & Hydrogen Peroxide

We found 147 discussions
" ...and DS. It works better than just a room humidifier. As for getting the stains out, I love hydrogen peroxid... "

" ...vitamin C halls (so yummy) humidifier yogurt eggs smoothie maker pinneaple canns kleenex 3% hydrogen peroxide arnica montana/bromelain ( if you... "

" ...from activity, hence the need for the cool mist humidifier. And the hydrogen peroxide will help to clear any bugs you are harboring.... "

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" ...Yeah I have a sore throat from some kind of work. Sleeping with a humidifier, drinking tea, and having couch ...a mixture of mouthwash and hydrogen peroxide twice a... "

" Get a cool mist humidifier, and add a pint of hydrogen peroxide to a gallon of water, and run that by the bed as you sleep. for plantars wart,... "

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" MMS1 can be a little risky in a humidifier because of concentration control, there are warnings with pets careful. As far as Hydrogen peroxide goes, I think its easi... "

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" clean i would think hydrogen peroxide would do damage to the humidifier chamber because it is plastic... "

" ...user has put a \"capful\" of hydrogen peroxide in her humidifier each night and she says... "

" ...just recently purchased food grade hydrogen peroxide. I wanted to see if ...mother could also start the hydrogen peroxide therapy (using the humidifier) as well but my mother ...good candidat... "

" ...but not as often. Still the same stuff applies. Humidifier, saline spray swab with a q tip. Also, we ...luck. And I second the hydrogen peroxide. It saved many a... "

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