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Hot Flashes

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(Hot flush)
Hot flashes (also known as hot flushes, or night sweats if they happen at night) are a symptom of the changing hormone lev...
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Common Hot Flashes treatments discussed around the web
Effexor 7,390 Premarin 5,862 Estradiol 3,782
431,006 conversations around the web about Hot Flashes to help you make a decision
431,006 conversations around the web about Hot Flashes to help you make a decision
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Hot Flashes & Tingling

0.57% of the posts that mention Hot Flashes also mention Tingling (2,472 posts)
Hot Flashes
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We found 2,472 discussions
" ...warm tingling sensation as well, early on in my treatment-- pretty scary! It was like a nerve surge with a hot flash then... "

" ...3 months post op. Doctor put me on 1mg of estradiol a week ago. Still having hot flashes. Noticed hands and feet tingling and water retention... "

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" ...I got on 1mg of Estrace . Things have been going great until the last week or so. I've started having hot flashes, skin burning and tingling, severe anxiety and muscle pain . I haven't missed... "

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" ...have tingling in my right arm, various aches and pains, crampy feelings like I'm going to get my period, and terrible hot flashes. I take low dose Celexa, and my new oncologist recently... "

" ...has been around since the 1960's and certainly has withstood the test of time. I am on the full-strength dosage and it has alleviated the hot flashes, numb/tingly hands, shortness of... "

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" ...evening so added ativan. Had three sleepless nights tingling in legs , hot flash, high anxiety . Doctor says give it a change but I can't live this way. Was on effexor xr for a whie but... "

" ...One week ago my doctor put me on 1 mg of estradiol. Still having hot flashes, today my hands and feet are tingling and notice water retention in my hands. Too... "

" stomach, tingling hands etc. I am on estradiol (2 mg) - doctor just said I didn't need progesterone - and still hoping it's going to work. I know it's doing *some*thing because my hot flushes... "

" ...first it was once a day but I started getting hot flashes at night, insomnia and my hair was starting to fall out. Dr. told me to increase to 2 times per day and the hot flashes have stopped b... "
June 26, 2014
Yes, me. I have dry itching hot head and scalp. Hot flashes and insominia. A great deal of hair loss. I'm on three pumps but symptoms have not improved.

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" ...I get a tingle that ...Effexor for my hot flashes because it made me sweat like a horse. CONSTANT SWEATING, like standing under a shower. Most unpleasant. Now I'm taking one Bellergal-S before b... "

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