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Hot Flashes

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(Hot flush)
Hot flashes (also known as hot flushes, or night sweats if they happen at night) are a symptom of the changing hormone lev...
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Common Hot Flashes treatments discussed around the web
Effexor 7,391 Premarin 5,863 Estradiol 3,782
431,056 conversations around the web about Hot Flashes to help you make a decision
431,056 conversations around the web about Hot Flashes to help you make a decision
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Hot Flashes & Pins And Needles

0.42% of the posts that mention Pins And Needles also mention Hot Flashes (478 posts)
Pins And Needles
Hot Flashes
We found 478 discussions
"'s already helping w/hot flashes and night sweats ...menopause and she had pretty bad hot flashes too. She's also had some pins and needles senstaions that required neurontin. For what it's... "

" flash I felt extreme nausea and my right arm went numb then got pins and needles feeling and my hand was aching. Has anyone else had anything like this? It was quite scary. PS. I had... "

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" ...not heard my problem. The pins and needles feeling in my back where lipo ...healing. Each time I get a hot flash it triggers the pins and needles feeling. Sometimes I just want... "

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" ...having a terrible time with hot flashes. ...and B complex vitamins. This doesn't seem to help very much. The intensity of the flashes is getting worse and my skin feels like pins and needles a... "

" ...year old, have hot flashes followed by pins and needles in body, intense pain, She is 50. She is having hot flashes . Once she starts to sweat she feels pins and needles over her entire ... "

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" When my hot flashes were at their worst (when ...taking Arimidex), I often had a \"pins and needles\" feeling during the flash. It didn't last long. Now my hot flashes are less frequent... "

" ...\"hot flash\" in over a year.It took five years to get over it but, I did it without hormones. I couldnt take the shots they made me sick, couldnt wear the patches..allergic to the glue stuff and t... "

" Hi Jan, I get pins and needles in my hands a bit. now more prone to pins and needles that I was before Aromasin. ...than in my left. My hot flushes are fewer on Aromasin... "

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" ...the pain. Also it should help with all the pins & needles feeling. It helped with my pins & needles plus my neuropathy & my hot flashes. This drug is very versatile & does not interfere... "

" I also had/have the pins & needles and muscle pain when my ...level is low. (I have pins & needles when it's high too, come ...missing ovaries!). I too had a low number of hotflashes during that... "

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