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Hot Flashes

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(Hot flush)
Hot flashes (also known as hot flushes, or night sweats if they happen at night) are a symptom of the changing hormone lev...
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Common Hot Flashes treatments discussed around the web
Effexor 7,289 Premarin 5,850 Estradiol 3,780
429,631 conversations around the web about Hot Flashes to help you make a decision
429,631 conversations around the web about Hot Flashes to help you make a decision
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Hot Flashes & Ovarian Cancer

1.68% of the posts that mention Ovarian Cancer also mention Hot Flashes (1,586 posts)
Ovarian Cancer
Hot Flashes
We found 1,586 discussions
" ...hit with major hot flashes and night sweats. I had ovarian cancer so no HRT for me. I am trying vitamin E. So far maybe a few less... "

" ...of my ovaries showed ovarian cancer. For ...only had hot flashes and insomnia for 3 months. As far as bone density concerns with menopause, most docs say take vitamin D and Calcium, then... "

" died of ovarian cancer, and I have been on the vivelle patch for almost 5 years, my hot flashes and moods were obnoxious. I too am ...years. I still get occassional hot flashes on the .0... "

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" ...July 2011. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in June and had a hysterectomy in July. I had 6 carbo/taxol treatments and had very ...and I am having more and more of these \"hot flashes\" on ... "

" ...I am also getting it because of having Lupus and a blood clotting disorder, tomaxifen can cause blood clots. For me it was recommended by MO and breast surgeon. I will be taking Al instead of the... "

" ...Sisters. I was diagnosed in Sept. with ovarian cancer, stage 1-B. I just completed my 4 chemo. treatments (Taxol and Carbo.). It I am taking Bellamine-S for hot flashes at night an... "

" ...the right one had cysts. No more worrying about ovarian cancer for me. I've had 23 years to think about this. I'm glad it's done and I'm on the other side. I finally told the dr. to get in there... "

" ...I've lost about 100 pounds, mostly before my surgery, so hopefully my healthy eating will help my heart. I haven't noticed any symptoms yet aside from regular mild hot flashes. Frankly, it's... "

" ...may be genetic as I don't remember my mother having any either. My sister who had her ovaries removed (we have a family history of ovarian cancer) has hot flushes, but she is very... "

" try and see how I feel, if I need it again, I'll go back on it. I do notice though, that my concentration is off a little, when I don't take it, but I'm wondering if certain vitamins would help... "

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