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Hot Flashes

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(Hot flush)
Hot flashes (also known as hot flushes, or night sweats if they happen at night) are a symptom of the changing hormone lev...
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Common Hot Flashes treatments discussed around the web
Effexor 7,409 Premarin 5,880 Estradiol 3,815
433,364 conversations around the web about Hot Flashes to help you make a decision
433,364 conversations around the web about Hot Flashes to help you make a decision
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Hot Flashes & Hyperglycemia

0.13% of the posts that mention Hyperglycemia also mention Hot Flashes (90 posts)
Hot Flashes
We found 90 discussions
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" ...are even slightly diabetic: the elevated blood glucose level in diabetics puts the squash ...too high, I may get hot flashes, but otherwise I generally feel... "

" ...past 20 years of having thyroid disease, I know when my t4 is low I have a ton of hot flashes, day time ,nitetime, never mattered. ...out that because my sugar levels were high ,that also caused... "

" ...not slept well and had a wake-you-up hot flash last night. What is the ...I really need it for blood sugar control ( slightly high lately ). Is our estrogen... "

" ...With some of my symptoms and experiences she realized I was not having hot flashes, but hyperglycemic episodes. I thought my hormones were out of balance, but it was my... "

" mid 80's. Now, it is wearing off, my blood sugar is back in high 90's or low 100's. I also get those pin my arms plus some hot flashes an sweats at night. I... "

" ...anxiety attacks and put me on Atavan (sp?). I had ...29 and am still having hot flashes and night sweats. Now, I just found out that my glucose level are slightly elevated. Has anyone else had ... "

" ...have any symptoms other than high blood glucose when you meter your BG. \"The Brain Trust\". He has some advice for dealing with hot flashes with supplements. I'm armed and... "

" ...ago I started having fierce hot flashes (I'm 55 and ...panic attacks (they go with hot flashes) and twitchiness. I wish ...the antidepressant. I suspect my blood sugar has also gotten high th... "

" ...or having pains to contact her because it could be a sign of hyper stimulation or someting to that effect however, i had hot flashes and breast tenderness for 2 1/2 weeks after i finished and i thi... "

" ...stressed. I am still having a lot of hot flashes (bad sweats at night) but ...diagnosed with Type II diabetes and sometimes if your blood sugar is too high or low it will cause you to sweat. I... "

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