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Hot Flashes

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(Hot flush)
Hot flashes (also known as hot flushes, or night sweats if they happen at night) are a symptom of the changing hormone lev...
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Common Hot Flashes treatments discussed around the web
Effexor 7,409 Premarin 5,879 Estradiol 3,814
433,309 conversations around the web about Hot Flashes to help you make a decision
433,309 conversations around the web about Hot Flashes to help you make a decision
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Hot Flashes & Grape Seed Extract

We found 30 discussions
" Hi , I started taking grape seed extract about 3wks ago(400mg tablets). I was taking 1 tablet ...still nothing. I still have hot flashes and rosacea with the small... "

" ...Peridin-C for relief of hot flashes? Its a vitamin c ...vit c phytonutrients from grape seed extract and several berries. 6 flashes...other 35% had reduced number of hot flashes. Anyon... "

" ...I take grape seed extract (City of Hope is ...curcumin, calcium d-glutarate and NAC. I was post-meno before cancer and had had my last hot flash years before. Well, this is working and I am flas... "

" ...uterine cancer. I began taking grape seed extract (which the Mayo Clinic is determine the best dosage). Grape seed extract seems to act as a ...those years. I do have hot flashes, but n... "

" ...I was taking Grape Seed Extract and eating large ... I have had a lot of hot sweats on both the as I've been getting hot flashes for many... "

" ...Ginseng, Partridge Berry, Nettle Leaf, Grape Seed Extract. They seem to have reduced the intensity of the hot flushes by a significant amount. I've had no flushes or headaches for two weeks now... "

" Chinese herbalist? I too was having unbearable hot flushes, which seemed to me to a constant reminder of ...calmed down. My surgeon recommended grape seed extract but when I just took... "

" ...I take grape seed extract , DIM working. Having hot flashes again (finis... "

" ...take a number of aromatase inhibitive supplements such as grape seed extract (City of Hope is doing a study using this-tried ...determined and although I had my last hot flash 8 years ago, they ... "

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" ...comes back. The main thing I attribute to the grape seed extract is that I no longer am bruising easily or ...I also am not having hot flashes any more but I don't... "

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