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Trouble Swallowing

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Dysphagia is the medical term for the symptom of difficulty in swallowing. Although classified under "symptoms and signs" in ICD-10, t...
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123,255 conversations around the web about Trouble Swallowing to help you make a decision
123,255 conversations around the web about Trouble Swallowing to help you make a decision
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Hospice Care & Trouble Swallowing

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" ...her as eligible for hospice care. The trigger was apparently ...eating. (In addition to her swallowing problems, she is losing control over ...I have heard about hospice care, I think this ... "

" ...of BFM is on hospice care. They are wonderful and ...or eat something she has been burping right after she ...and that makes her have even more difficulties swallowing. She gets stressed ... "

" Sounds like the hospice care givers are full of BS. Unless your granddad cannot a spoon to moisten his mouth if he can't swal... "

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" ...Yes toothpaste. I remember a few decades ago when the allopathic medical hospice care, for those who can?t swallow. So one question is, if someone is using a fluoride toothpaste,... "

" ...standard in our War on Drugs. As my father laid dying in home hospice care his doc provided Vicodin. The man could barely swallow anything, yet he gets a pill that's gigantic to fit in 500 mg... "

" ...her that giving him nourishment and water (which he can't swallow anyway) it was not prolonging his life. He had the touch for about 3 days. He has hospice care but they only come out tw... "

" ...good and easy for him to swallow when he is hungry. He is under hospice care at home. He is near the end as well bed, and he has a hard time swallowing now, so hospice is having... "

" Dysphagia after a stroke can be a short term problem or it may require ...position of take each day as it comes. Is your friends father under hospice care? If not, she may want to look into... "

" ...was put into Hospice Care in June.? He ...eating. He had trouble swallowing too. We gave ...shakes with added protein powder. I had a hard time dealing with this statement but all I kept hear... "

" in last stages with swallowing issues,significant weight loss, etc. I have ...of his life. He has hospice care at the facility and I thing for him. I am worn out. For all of us... "

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