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Dysphonia is the medical term for disorders of the voice: an impairment in the ability to produce voice sounds using the Vocal apparat...
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41,048 conversations around the web about Hoarseness to help you make a decision
41,048 conversations around the web about Hoarseness to help you make a decision
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Hoarseness & Tonsillectomy

We found 53 discussions
" ...other surgeries Ive had. (my tonsilectomy was SO much worse) The ...I had was they gave me morphine (dont know why, the ...24 hrs. Expect a very hoarse and weak voice at first.... "

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" more than others. No sore throat pain at all. No extra mucous. No hoarseness . I can't see anything ...- but I had my tonsils removed. Can yours be either of... "

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" ...I wake up with a hoarse throat everyday. I have been an allergist, again. I used to be on allergy shots, and it helped ...again. I've also had my tonsils removed, and that didn't help! ... "

" ...4 weeks today since my tonsillectomy and it still seems surreal. throat and I get hoarse very easily if I've been ...Mine didn't. Morphine or Percocet did nothing. I found that ice... "

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" ...aged 65, is suffering from a loss of voice and hoarseness on and off, since ...alcohol. He has had his tonsils removed in childhood. And we all have hereditary tonsillitis, sore throat, cold and... "

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" ...was willing to do the tonsillectomy for me so I could ...of my voicebox. I experience hoarseness on a regular basis and performing my second lingual tonsillectomy in July. He has to... "

" ...Tenn. that morning. I also had the swelling and voice raspiness, but they went away within ...lymph node Stg IV, Srgry 1/23/97 tonsillectomy & mod radical neck dissection,... "

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" I was looking up tonsilectomy things on the internet and ...all the time and having sore throats would be a lot fine . My daughter right now as a hoarse sounding voice all the time . Hers ... "

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" ...(read: malignant) tonsils ~ tonsillectomy performed along with ...or other complications from the tonsillectomy, wihch was by cauterization. ...scar and some slight horseness & neck stiffness... "

" ...your throat a little sore and voice a bit hoarse, but those effects quickly fade as the tonsil pain ...of good tips as well as the LisaMP's Adult Tonsilectomy Guide. I will keep checking... "

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