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Dysphonia is the medical term for disorders of the voice: an impairment in the ability to produce voice sounds using the Vocal apparat...
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41,455 conversations around the web about Hoarseness to help you make a decision
41,455 conversations around the web about Hoarseness to help you make a decision
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Hoarseness & Thyroid Nodule

1.64% of the posts that mention Thyroid Nodule also mention Hoarseness (87 posts)
Thyroid Nodule
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" A 38-year-old woman has a firm 3-cm thyroid nodule. She has mild hoarseness. Which one of the following tests would be most... "

" ...have been drinking a smoking a little more doctor realized I have this thyroid-nodule-looking thing. My voice was hoarse for a long while, perhaps ...I doubt I have throat cancer since ... "

" ...had hoarseness caused by a thyroid nodule pressing against my vocal chords 20 years ago, had that ...recently have had hoarseness and was checked ...alot of non-cancer causes for hoarseness. ... "

" ...I have two nodules on my thyroid. I get intermittent hoarseness and breathing difficulty, ...lymph nodes. Does anyone have any ideas on how to deal... "

" I was just diagnosed with a thyroid nodule and had a biopsy. Waiting on results, but doctor ...cancer or not. I have mild hoarseness and trouble swallowing but not... "

" ...can make your hoarse -- and I used to think that tamoxifen contributed to my hoarse voice. However, I also had a thyroid nodule -- and unfortunately in my case it turned out to be cancerous -- I... "

" I have just been diagnosed with a 4cm thyroid nodule. I am getting a biopsy today but either way ...else serious wrong. I have hoarseness, swallowing issues , heaviness in... "

" ...roller coaster, the doctor felt nodules on my thyroid. However, the ultrasound showed a ...a bit swollen, too. My voice is hoarse. The thyroid is visibly swollen.... "

" ...had steadily worsening hoarseness for quite some time and do have a large thyroid nodule. The fine needle biopsy seems like hoarseness is a troublesome ...but I'm having a scratchy thr... "

" ...I was having problems with hoarseness and throat discomfort. It turns out that I have multiple nodules on my thyroid. You're right...Hashimoto's is from my health anxiety. I know... "

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