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Dysphonia is the medical term for disorders of the voice: an impairment in the ability to produce voice sounds using the Vocal apparat...
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41,083 conversations around the web about Hoarseness to help you make a decision
41,083 conversations around the web about Hoarseness to help you make a decision
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Hoarseness & Green Tea

We found 25 discussions
" ...I have found that taking a lil less of pain meds & adding green tea pills Or green tea fat burners helps ...ur life.Keep some green tea/honey ready for when you scream urself hoarse @ the c... "

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" Anyone know about Green Tea? Hi ladies, I'm 8w pregnant voice and then I got it but it is so raspy/hoarse/soar...I know it is from my ...had three cups of decaf green tea today and it is t... "

" ...mets, to what area if you don't mind me asking? I only experienced minor hoarseness and a cup of green tea or a honey cough drop helped. I am sure a few of the... "

" ...I have a cold). 68oz more to go. Whoopee! Lol This is where flavor enhancers come into play. I may also make a 64oz container of green tea to keep in the fridge. If so, I'll sweeten it... "

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" Glenna, I have had hoarseness for over a year, and haven't even started treatment all those 5th Graders :~) I've been drinking green tea (not too hot, no milk) for two months now.... "

" ...I have been suffering from hoarse throat and dry Hi. I have been suffering from hoarse throat and dry cough. ...drink citrus juice and green tea every day. My vitamins ...that I have TB, asth... "

" ...weeks (following a severe drug allergy to Nexium I tried for 11 ...constant throat clearing, mucus, and horseness. I just quit coffee and ...I only drink a little green tea. I am a personal t... "

" ...husband was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer in Sept., ...because that can cause hoarseness of the voice, also. I have Multiple Myeloma, and have to ...also. Try drinking green tea with ho... "

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" ...the kids. We still have a lot of colds going through the schools, ...currently. Probably why Im getting hoarse and a little chest congestion. every day. ( Green tea is supposed to red... "

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" ...would suspect that the hoarseness is linked to your allergies. Dealing with your allergies could probably alleviate the hoarseness, too. Unless you have ...that could make you hoarse. Or if you ... "

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