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Urticaria (from the Latin urtica, nettle (whence It. ortica, Sp. ortiga, Pg. urtiga, Fr. ortie) urere, to burn...
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Common Hives treatments discussed around the web
Benadryl 20,715 Prednisone 5,535 Zyrtec 5,230
272,882 conversations around the web about Hives to help you make a decision
272,882 conversations around the web about Hives to help you make a decision
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Hives & White Blood Cell Count

We found 154 discussions
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" ...who was on-call. He gave me prednisone for the hives and sent me to the hospital for a white blood cell count. Mine was actually ...better today. The hives have almost disappeared, much less ... "

" ...up a staph infection in the hospital along with my allergic reactions of the anti siezure meds, hives and the rash I was an incubator just waiting for the white blood cell coun... "

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" ...hives for 6 months now. I take started, benadryl, zantac and other rx medicine for allergy/anxiety. This helps only a little. I have been on the predisone a ...except my white blood cell count i... "

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" ...hives for the past 4 months, they come and go and sometimes they itch and others they hurt. They cover her entire body. She's seen an internist, an allergy specialist and her family doctor and ha... "

" ...hives. I started praying, drinking water, taking cod liver (this helps regulate production of cells in your bone marrow), and one asprin a day. Every time I went back my cell count was a little mor... "

" ...had hives for last 5-6 years. ...disorders, but nothing found. white blood count always up, just... "

", but I had hives when my blast count ...been below 90k and white cells are my biggest problem. Lavender oil applied to individual hives may bri... "

" I've had rituxan six times with my ...and does not cause low white blood cell count and/or low hemoglobin. The first ...allergic reaction - I had hives and was given appropriate meds... "

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" Cause I have had hives for 11 months and been on all type of ...still don't know what. Now they are sending me to a oncology, My white blood count ( I have had EBV before and one Dr said it would ... "

" hyperthyroid with nodules also. I have tried ptu and methimazole. I broke out in hives and could not lowering by white blood count or affecting my ...surgeon. I too am terrified of s... "

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