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Urticaria (from the Latin urtica, nettle (whence It. ortica, Sp. ortiga, Pg. urtiga, Fr. ortie) urere, to burn...
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Common Hives treatments discussed around the web
Benadryl 20,612 Prednisone 5,488 Zyrtec 5,188
271,153 conversations around the web about Hives to help you make a decision
271,153 conversations around the web about Hives to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Hives

Hives & Total Hysterectomy

We found 27 discussions
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" ...knew what this was all about..thought i out grew an allergy. my first break out was at 10 month then 5 yrs then 16 yrs and stopped at 24 when my first child was born. Then in February I had a tot... "

" My first post-Hives?on incision? I had my total hysterectomy 9 months ago today. I'm doing well, but have ...incision. The bumps are like hives, red, swollen and itchy. ... "

" usually only at during the night and early morning primary doc gave me atarax for them am trying that tonight but... I am thinking I should go and talk about hormones with gyn... anyone... "

" On Estrace 1mg after total hysterectomy, still have hot flashes at ...1mg for 2 years after total hysterectomy still having some problems with ...I also have had episodes with hives and have had... "

" ...months after total hysterectomy!? Hi. I had my total hysterectomy June 26. I ...I also had a massive case of hives during Sept. which I have read can be due to hormonal changes. Just wanted... "

" ...years ago I had a total hysterectomy. I tried all kinds of hormones but I got hives, felt sick, off balance, forgetful and ...head. It really works. My hot flashes have almost gone away after 8 ... "

" hysterectomy ? 50 years ago. Most recently I was taking Bupropion 150 and it wasn't helping so my doctor bumped up the RX to 300mg HCL made by Anchen. It didn't ...HCL 20 mg made by Sand... "

" Hives I had a total hysterectomy on March about a month later I decided to try the estradiol pellets Not to long after that I started getting allergic reations to Motrin, asprin and now tylenol... "

" Hives everywhere and urinated in my sleep 3 weeks after total hysterectomy Ok this just completely stinks. Hives everywhere so dr had me ...patch. On prednisone for hives. Then out of the... "

" ...a total hysterectomy on Wednesday. I noticed yesterday. Im gettinw a rash and hives Have... "

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