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Urticaria (from the Latin urtica, nettle (whence It. ortica, Sp. ortiga, Pg. urtiga, Fr. ortie) urere, to burn...
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Common Hives treatments discussed around the web
Benadryl 20,571 Prednisone 5,482 Zyrtec 5,185
270,859 conversations around the web about Hives to help you make a decision
270,859 conversations around the web about Hives to help you make a decision
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Hives & Kale

We found 93 discussions
" ...herself into hypo with kale. I think she must have ate only kale. I think anything in moderation is OK. I still eat kale, broccoli. I don't eat ...I also have chronic hives and they... "

" ...asparagus okra carrots swiss chard kale eggplant mushrooms peppers onions squash ...the only 'leaky gut symptom i get is the itchiness and hives thing but i really do... "

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" ...Amoxicillan? Dd broke out in hives on her forearms about 8 ...she started, and also tried kale for the first time that ...said it was prob the kale. Well after another double ear... "

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" ...the cause of the hives I've had on and off for ...instance, I feel like I really need a good source of protein in the mornings. So ...just fruit, coconut milk, and kale), rice porridge, or mo... "

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" go postal. The hives I get are so itchy and FROM EVERYTHING. ...than quinoa, chicken, or kale I get hives. If ANYTHING touched my arms I get hives. When does this end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????... "

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" ...these from your diet?? Kale is so nutrient rich ...on how to proceed. Hives and such can be tricky ... I had a mysterious bout of hives come and go one ...itch (way before my psoriasis whi... "

" ...also has lo/no sals. I tried guar gum (1T), epsom salts (1/4 ...(2T) to make a magnesium sulphate cream but broke out in hives as soon as I slapped intolerances. I ATE KALE TODAY! W... "

" ...boiled organic chicken and some times kale and oranges on a rare eat without being covered in hives itchy can't sleep with migraines but there's only so much benedryl I can have.... "

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" DS is still getting hives after eating, and I am ...tree nuts, fish, shellfish, or eggs. Also avoiding tomato, kale, sesame, and coffee. The pedi said to give it... "

" ...and all is fine...Or like with cabbage or kale, boil them and pour out the oxalate laden water... Sometimes I slip up however and then re-experience my old aches and pains and hive/eczema... "

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