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Histoplasmosis (also known as "Cave disease," "Darling's disease," "Ohio valley disease," "Reticuloendotheliosis," "Spelunker?s Lung...
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Common Histoplasmosis treatments discussed around the web
Itraconazole 46 Amphotericin B 15 Fluconazole 11
1,777 conversations around the web about Histoplasmosis to help you make a decision
1,777 conversations around the web about Histoplasmosis to help you make a decision
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Histoplasmosis & Oxygen

We found 11 discussions
" Histoplasmosis I was diagnosed with Histoplasmosis in 2009. A horrible illness. ...40 years and have been on Enbrel (a biological) since it ...this. I am now on oxygen 24/7 and I blame that... "

" ...some adjusting to the new oxygen it is receiving. Do not ...asthma, as well as dissemenated histoplasmosis and frequesnt pneumonia and pleurisy. ...say, that you CAN feel better. I never th... "

" ...prescribed medicine for the Histoplasmosis. He prescribed Sporanox caps. So far so good. No side effects. I have to ...have to use oxygen at night anymore. ...I am only taking Celebrex and ... "

" Enbrel And Histoplasmosis I have been on Enbrel since it came out ...lives in my area has ever contracted this infection. I continue taking my I am now on oxygen full time since 2009 du... "

" ...prior to tick bite called Histoplasmosis...and it left scars on my ...5 asthma meds. and had oxygen at home. As I look ...for respiratory difficulties. I got addicted in the hospital when... "

" case probably caused by Histoplasmosis. There is an idiopathic FM breath better and get off oxygen. At least he says that's ...remove them as they can get infected. In fact the fever... "

" birds. I have some scarring & small nodules on my lungs. I do use oxygen at night when I ...a kid I caught Histoplasmosis. Rare disease. It's from I know I was so frustrated in the... "

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" ...than normal.I used nebulizer, inhalers, oxygen at night and still have ...I am so convinced ther histoplasmosis is the problem.Esp since 2008 ...Tags: lung fungus, Lung disease, histoplas... "

" ...our friend who has the Histoplasmosis. They moved him into Intensive ...other organs from not enough oxygen. They are giving him anti-fungal to visit him. He is swollen and with tu... "

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" , thurs: off oxygen 8am, suction off chest ...the pathology report shows pulmonary histoplasmosis . According to web ...follow the ?treatment?, going on \"Itraconazole\" for six week... "

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