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Histamine + Turmeric

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Ask a question
56 conversations around the web about Histamine + Turmeric to help you make a decision
56 conversations around the web about Histamine + Turmeric to help you make a decision
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Histamine & Turmeric

We found 56 discussions
" ...It says turmeric reduces histamine. I'm sure I read somewhere that turmeric is high in histamine, but can't find it.... "

" ...ingredient in turmeric, commonly found in curry dishes. Curcumin decreases inflammation by reducing histamine levels and ...glucosamine sulfate and/or boswellia for joint support. And IMO, tha... "

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" ...and olive leaf and turmeric. I think it does help me. The bromelain caused me easy bleeding ...cause a release in histamine. I also think that... "

" ...would probably say that histamine, regardless of whether it's ...more. I've been taking turmeric/bromelain capsules for over a ...relieved most of my post-exercise fatigue, something I'd ha... "

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" i take primal defense as probiotic i take future formulation vegetarian enzymes i take helps with the bodies histamine response so my body is ...that may also help are turmeri... "

" ...Cox-2 inhibitor which lowers histamine levels (anti-inflammatory). The whole elevated histamine theory. Some other really good Cox-2 inhibitors are turmeric (Curcumin), mangosteen (Xanthones), r... "

" ...would be, but I had a lot of pain in my muscles, and ...Some people have luck with turmeric or quercetin or aspirin (if stay on the low histamine diet, and that helps a... "

" ...Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, lately. In Muscle and Fitness ...decreased the inflammation by reducing histamine levels and raising natural cortisone... "

" ...get a massive release of histamine in my body and I ...benadryl last night and used a lot of benadryl cream (not recommended, by ...this morning. I really liked turmeric. Too bad, becau... "

" Q. Can vitamin D and turmeric in combination have an impact ...ago. I am also taking turmeric capsules. This spring I have fascinating. In animal studies, turmeric prevents the release of... "

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