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Itchy Scalp

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Ask a question
(Pruritus of scalp)
17,943 conversations around the web about Itchy Scalp to help you make a decision
17,943 conversations around the web about Itchy Scalp to help you make a decision
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Histamine & Itchy Scalp

We found 20 discussions
" look into a low histamine diet. I've been on RU ...and fin and still get an itchy scalp. For the longest time, I considered to have a histamine connection) I would get an... "

" I too suffer from an itchy scalp which is not lice or ...due to that. I think histamine causes the itch and I joints feel full of histamine and my eyelids are often... "

" I had itchy scalp when I restarted Revlimid at ...the following cycles. I've been on Revlimid since 12/12. Who knows ...Myeloma and it is a histamine reaction to the dead cancer... "

" ...sesame with castor oil and tea tree oil lots of it after vigorous that tea tree helps histamine induced inflammation. the last time ...shut. im wondering if my itchy scalp is also the ... "

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" ...been on Midodrine for about 5 weeks now. I think it is helping although I also started doing the MCAD meds (histamine blockers) around the same ...I still get the scalp itching and goosebump fe... "

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" ...on their site that are ?histamine rich? foods, i noticed that terms of noticing an itchy scalp afterwards. Especially processed meats, vinegar... "

" ...have problems. It's taken me a while to connect itchy scalp and forearms, excessive histamine reactions(sneezing),aching stiff arm, muscle cramps and poor sleep with... "

" ...have the same protein complex that is in nuts and which causes the histamine reaction. As for the itchy scalp, I think folks here have hit everything I can think of. Anything else... "

" ...why do some people experience scalp itching while some doesn't? What exactly went wrong? Over production of histamine I believe? Or maybe the far more sensitive to histamine for some? Anyw... "

" ...beginning to think that I'm histamine intolerant, but I don't want ...anything I should be looking out for if I'm histamine intolerant?. Could this have something to do with my itchy scal... "

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