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Hirsutism or frazonism is the excessive hairiness on women in those parts of the body where terminal hair does not normally occu...
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Common Hirsutism treatments discussed around the web
Spironolactone 945 Aldactone 169 Flutamide 135
25,336 conversations around the web about Hirsutism to help you make a decision
25,336 conversations around the web about Hirsutism to help you make a decision
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Hirsutism & Thyroid Problem

0.36% of the posts that mention Hirsutism also mention Thyroid Problem (90 posts)
Thyroid Problem
We found 90 discussions
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" ...Thyroid issues (hypothyroidism and ...existed before taking Spiro. In fact, the Endocrinologist I saw for my thyroid problems was the one that suggested Spiro for my hirsutism and acne. ... "

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" Thyroid disorders: Certain thyroid disorders could cause hirsutism. Once your thyroid problem is treated, however, itís likely no new hairs will... "

" ...I have had oily skin acne since puberty, ...toes, arms, upper back). They are calling this hirsutism, but can a thyroid condition c... "

" Quote: I am pretty sure hirsutism is a thyroid issue... If you aren't seeing a RE I would. I ...big sign of PCOS. Getting the anemia under control would be where I... "

" ...lab results, some only have irregular periods, some have periods, acne and hirsuitism, some have thyroid problems, some have high testosterone, some don't have enough progesterone... "

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" ...not. I ov, or have ov'ed on cd29, cd23, cd24 lately. I have a problem with hirsuitism and a thyroid problem. How did you get checked for yours? Did they ultrasound your ovaries? I'm... "

" ...weight gain. Have hirsutism, PCOS and thyroid problem. Not pregnant. White discharge ...female. I have had excessive weight gain in the last ...with increasing incidence of hirsutism . 2 year... "

" Suffer from hirsutism and thyroid problem. Multiple follicles in ovaries. taking evecare and glycomet. Need ...a right path also I need a solution for Hirsutism . Please help me. Below I am providi... "

" ...those issues. I have had hirsutism and fat gathering to my ...effect in my body. I've been very tired lately despite sleeping as ...Does anyone of you had low ferritin levels and thyroid prob... "

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" ...would just like to know would hypothyroidism cause hirsutism ie a ...the thyroid condition is under control will this hair ever go away I am taking synthroid 100mcg.Al... "

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