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Hip Pain

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Coccydynia is a medical term meaning pain in the coccyx or tailbone area, usually brought on by sitting too abruptly...
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Common Hip Pain treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 1,524 Ibuprofen 1,201 Tramadol 595
118,336 conversations around the web about Hip Pain to help you make a decision
118,336 conversations around the web about Hip Pain to help you make a decision
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Hip Pain & Lymphoma

0.06% of the posts that mention Lymphoma also mention Hip Pain (68 posts)
Hip Pain
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We found 68 discussions
" ...secondary to Rituxan, or even lymphoma. My Internist and I have ...did have bone pain with Lymphoma ( I am stage IV), ...exploring the cause of my hip pain. I have an order... "

" Lymphoma has so many variations and ...related...however... With my friends son, his presented with hip pain, before he even developed lump ...back awhile ago is I had swelling in my glands in... "

" ...ortho doc with severe left hip pain. Thought it was a torn ...bone marrow involvement. Onc. said lymphoma was the long shot and this was the best news he could have.... "

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" ...back, and low bp. Her scars and stretch marks are ...which I am). One has hip pain due to being hypermobile in ...10k race which also supports lymphoma and lukemia research. Not a... "

" ...he wants to start me on Enbrel shots (50mg once ...especially considering that I suffer with the pain in my hips about every 6 months. ...the benefits of the medicine. (Lymphoma, MS, sepsis, ... "

" ...anyone here have confirmed lymphoma growing in the ...not pursuing the hip pain which I'm sure ...about bone involvement? Any special treatment needed for that? The pain is impressive. Con... "

" ...few days. Plus I have the weirdest pain in my right hip and its going all the ...get really freaked out about lymphoma - i dont even know ...have anything to do with lymphoma (am not googling... "

" hear that Myra has lymphoma... I hope you get the home. Cath- hope your back/hip pain goes away... some nice warm ...this weekend? Sam- hope your pain goes away too... ... "

" ...but every symptom i get i chalk up to lymphoma, like i was having a pain in my hip i thought it must be that, and then i... "

" ...labs in Calif., mine was negative also. Unexplained focal pain in my hip was my initial symptom. With all your pain, lymphoma would not be the first thing I would be... "

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