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Hip Pain

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Coccydynia is a medical term meaning pain in the coccyx or tailbone area, usually brought on by sitting too abruptly...
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Common Hip Pain treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 1,524 Ibuprofen 1,201 Tramadol 595
118,370 conversations around the web about Hip Pain to help you make a decision
118,370 conversations around the web about Hip Pain to help you make a decision
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Hip Pain & Lymphedema

0.09% of the posts that mention Lymphedema also mention Hip Pain (51 posts)
Hip Pain
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We found 51 discussions
" Hi Empresse, I have lymphedema in the groin and pelvic area. But I also have a seroma in my groin area ...on a CT scan). I have been having pain in my hip and buttock area. I have... "

" ...have radiotherapy I do get pain in my hips though especially when I am ...region are numb .I have lymphoedema which is really horrible but ...:) I seem to get tired more easily these da... "

" ...of Herceptin. Have had lymphedema in my ...recently had a CT scan because of pain in my right hip and groin ...lytic lesion in my right hip and additional new areas of decreased attenuation... "

" ...anymore, but I have gotten a pain in my right hip that feels more muscular right hip. During Taxol, I had the most pain in this leg and hip. My Lymphedema Specialist who is also a... "

" Binny - The acupunture would be for my back and hip pain from osteo, not lymphedema. I thought maybe the possibilty of infection may be... "

" ...about Lymphoedema Hello there, I 've ...said that I may have Lymphoedema. My groin area is swollen and Iam getting this horible pain in my right hip, near hip bone and... "

" ...this helps with the hip pain..I also think it will ...than a hip replacement..I have see the pain of these...also if the to be radiated I would be alert for lymphoedema of the gr... "

" ...back pain, and hip pain for about 3 ...back to the Vicodin. Others are more ...try to get a referral to a lymphedema specialist. I also have had a low grade fever since starting on Tamox. ... "

" ...Heard trampoline is great for Lymphedema. Goals to keep up with ability to fully participate in class. Also have developed some knee/hip pain. PCP said osteobioflex and it will take mont... "

" ...fingers could be lymphedema (LE), but maybe not ...this question on the Lymphedema forum. You may ...loop instead of counterclockwise. Hip pain has almost totally disappeared. edited t... "

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