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High White Blood Cell Count

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(White blood cell analysis increased)
Leukocytosis is a raised white blood cell count (the leukocyte count) above the normal range in the blood. Acute exercise is one of th...
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2,941 conversations around the web about High White Blood Cell Count to help you make a decision
2,941 conversations around the web about High White Blood Cell Count to help you make a decision
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High White Blood Cell Count & Yeast Infection

0.88% of the posts that mention High White Blood Cell Count also mention Yeast Infection (26 posts)
High White Blood Cell Count
Yeast Infection
We found 26 discussions
" ...was having a reoccuring yeast infection and ...Chlamydia. A week through the chlamydia treatment and after accusing my boyfriend of cheating, they found I had a natural high white blood cell cou... "

" ...I just got back from the doctor, I have a UTI-Yeast Infection-and a very high white blood cell count. I got put on 3 new meds and have... "

" ...they said I had a high white blood cell count, along with PID. I ...Haven't gone yet. Have a really bad yeast infection. AND then my blood ...back that I have a hyperactive thyroid and ... "

" ...tell me that I had a high white blood cell count on my vaginal culture and ...count usually indicate infection? Can a yeast infection or other type of vaginal infection be really dangerous to th "

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" ...plategirl. Mono can also cause high white blood cell count as do infections as you tell me that my yeast infection (first time I ever had one and thankfully never again did get one) w... "

" ...for at least some of your bleeding. It does sound like you have a yeast infection too. Your hematocrit is not infection evidenced by your elevated white blood cell count, it's not abnorm... "

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" ...can happen along with the yeast infections . It just means your eye on your symptoms. Have you ever had a slightly elevated white blood cell count? This is the only thing that shows up on... "

" ...I had a UTI or yeast infection something...I felt good. I called ...came back that you have a VERY high elevated white blood cell count. Which obviously means that there... "

" ...a faulty immune system. I've been sick for over a year ...with me except for an elevated white blood cell count that can't be resolved with antibiotics. These yeast infections are just one of th... "

" check, high white blood cell count (m) Doctor said ...seemed very surprised that I had not had any hotflashes or nightsweats yet. ...some super presc yeast infection meds. She said... "

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