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High Triglycerides

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hypertriglyceridemia denotes high (hyper-) blood levels (-emia) of triglycerides, the most abundant fatty molecule in most org...
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Common High Triglycerides treatments discussed around the web
Lipitor 327 Tricor 296 Lovaza 165
14,568 conversations around the web about High Triglycerides to help you make a decision
14,568 conversations around the web about High Triglycerides to help you make a decision
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High Triglycerides & Numbness

0.27% of the posts that mention High Triglycerides also mention Numbness (40 posts)
High Triglycerides
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We found 40 discussions
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" ...the symptoms and lack of sleep have generally got worse over the last ...general checkup and they have come back saying that my Triglycerides are high. I have a constant numb feeling on the lef... "

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" ...I got Disk Herniation c6-c7 and cervical spondilosis. Moreover, I have high triglicerides level. I feel sometimes the numbness in the ...Appreciate your suggestion to get a relief from this pain... "

" right eye I have left central vision loss and darkening of objects. ...was color blind. Also have numbness in both feet progressing and ...A1C is 5.9 do have high triglycerides which were ... "

" ...two weeks ago. She had numbness, tingling on the left side ...she does take a med for that. But, her triglycerides were really elevated, so they put her on a cholesterol med.Your question... "

" left arm and my hand gets numb.... heart disease runs in my ...and they said i have high triglycerides - which is weird because ...24 too young to have heart problems? lol... thanks thanks... "

" ...still not reached menopause. I have been feeling numb on my left fingers and normal except that my triglycerides were a little high. She also diagnosed my numbness as hypersensitivity? But... "

" ...(5 months ago) with high triglycerides in the 350 range. ...and had the Mirena. I had the Mirena removed a year ago and started taking birth control pills. I began having numbness in my two litt... "

" blood chem. i have a high cholesterol result, high triglycerides, high AST(SGOT) and high ALT(SGPT). Do ...a medicine? Sometimes i felt numbness in my arms & hands.... "

" ...the brain and causes symptoms of stroke. Those are high triglycerides!!! Wow, it's good the meds are making a difference. Is the numbness all over one side of the... "

Post from
" Dr. I wrote of numbness and tingling in my pinkies, ...have a strong family history of Diabetes and take Tricor for cholesterol (actually high Triglycerides ) but get my blood checked every 6 mont... "

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