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High Blood Pressure

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Hypertension (HTN) or high blood pressure is a cardiac Chronic (medicine) Disease in which the systemic arterial blood pressure ...
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Common High Blood Pressure treatments discussed around the web
Lisinopril 6,355 Atenolol 4,940 Hydrochlorothiazide 3,672
576,232 conversations around the web about High Blood Pressure to help you make a decision
576,232 conversations around the web about High Blood Pressure to help you make a decision
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High Blood Pressure & Yerba Mate

We found 47 discussions
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" to use yerba mate tea as an ...theophylline and I have high blood pressure (which is controlled by Avalide--Irb... "

" Yerba mate is amazing. Keto not so much considering that you have hypertension. I tried it in the past to get 0 results from it apart getting fat. If it... "

" Yerba Mate Have any of you tried Yerba Mate? Wanted to know if it's good on keto. Also unsafe levels. Any knowledge of that? I have Hypertension now and currently on BB's, so I gotta be... "

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" ...Hi all, I have pretty high blood pressure usually in the 140s to low 150s, so I highly caffinated stuff. Right now I am drinking yerba mate when I work out and that is strong enoug... "

Post from
" ...time if you have high blood pressure. Folks with high BP can have extreme responses ...ounces of a yerba mate and within an had contraindications for high blood pressure. Most peopl... "

" drink coffee or tea: Yerba Mate. God it tastes bad. Motivator ...switching to Primal: Both my parents have high BP and low-level diabetes. I don't... "

Post from
" ...Yerba Mate is by far ...the US. from \"Mate contains xanthines, ...#20050176777, #20030185908,[23] and #20020054926) cites yerba mate extract as an inhib... "

" Q. I have high blood pressure and must avoid caffeine. Is yerba mate a caffeinated beverage? I don't ...affect my blood pressure. A. Yerba mate is a favorite drink in'll have to forego... "

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" Yerba Mate tea suppresses your appetite and revs up your metabolic could keep you awake and if you have high blood pressure do not... "

" Yerba mate is ok it's like tea- ...are awful. If you have high BP avoid- hell everyone should avoid ...going on? I'd think Diovan would be the... "

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