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High Blood Pressure

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Hypertension (HTN) or high blood pressure is a cardiac Chronic (medicine) Disease in which the systemic arterial blood pressure ...
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Common High Blood Pressure treatments discussed around the web
Lisinopril 6,253 Atenolol 4,883 Hydrochlorothiazide 3,600
570,300 conversations around the web about High Blood Pressure to help you make a decision
570,300 conversations around the web about High Blood Pressure to help you make a decision
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High Blood Pressure & Stiff Neck

0.59% of the posts that mention Stiff Neck also mention High Blood Pressure (199 posts)
Stiff Neck
High Blood Pressure
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Stiff Neck
We found 199 discussions
" ...I too would have a stiff neck with much pain. I was given Ziac for my high blood pressure and it's back to normal. The Amitriptyline was ...lady that has taken Amitriptyline for years to... "

" ...DH usually has stiff neck when his blood pressure is high (he has high blood pressure and he is taking... "

" ...on creating some sort of blood vessel \"damage\" which was stressed while orgasming (I don'd breath at all while I am getting getting close). The first time I had them, my doc sent me off to an em... "

" ...I guess. I also suffer with high BP, and have been taking Lisinopril 20mg for the past ...2 problems here, your stiff neck and headaches, and your ...Secondly, do you have hypertension, if so... "

" \"my recent knee surgery, my double hernia, my stiff neck, my Tennis Elbow and trick shoulder, my ...sight and dulled hearing, my high blood pressure and cholesterol\" Badges o... "

" Neck stiffness and pain. Taking neurobion medication. ...a diabetic and also has hypertension . Recently she checked ...was in 160s, also she is having neck stiffness and pain since 5-6... "

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" ...professor brought with complaints of headache and seizures. seizures ...was febrile,103F ,and has neck rigidity. brudzinski sign was postive. ...and smoker. he has hyper tension and diabetes.... "

" ...of high blood pressure of about 220/110mmHg 4 months ago presently her B.P is 130/90mmHg she consults a general physician regularly and is taking INDAPAMIDE 2.5mg, ...she is experiencing neck r... "

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" I was prescribed Atenolol by my ex-doctor when my hypertension was discovered. For almost two months, nothing positive to ...- chest pains, racing heartbeat, neck stiffness and body pains. After th... "

" ...normal, you still have have high blood pressure. When mine is usually taken, ...we are at the time, and since I had the sudden neck stiffness and head 'rushes' I'd convinceed myself I was about... "

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