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High Blood Pressure

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Hypertension (HTN) or high blood pressure is a cardiac Chronic (medicine) Disease in which the systemic arterial blood pressure ...
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Common High Blood Pressure treatments discussed around the web
Lisinopril 6,277 Atenolol 4,890 Hydrochlorothiazide 3,611
571,501 conversations around the web about High Blood Pressure to help you make a decision
571,501 conversations around the web about High Blood Pressure to help you make a decision
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High Blood Pressure & Radish

We found 29 discussions
" taking glucophage 1000mg twice a day ...the morning. I am on Benazepril, Verapamil, metropolol and Hydrochlorathiazide for my HBP. I take iron pills and had some cucumber and radish with... "

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" ...I want to lose 15-20 pounds, and improve my high blood pressure, allergies and asthma. Can someone post how to make ...luck. Oh, I bought daicon radish at the store, yesterday, and... "

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" My father gone through Brain Hemorrhagic stroke in 14th Dec 1012 ...2.7cm in brain) due to High BP. After recovery using medication he ...of body. His urine now radish, foam color. I admit he... "

" weight and prescribe me Galvus ( vildagliptin) by ...eating raw food (tomato, radish, carrot, peas boil at ...of the pancreas. Also another question is the high BP curable. Since the... "

" ...can't get that kind of response with an artichoke, radish, spinach or fish. No one appreciates good health until they become diabetic or experience high blood pressure or... "

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" ...white radish also plays a role ...pressure. Reference: "

" ...bread and with horse radish only. dinner- steak and ...He said I have severe Apnea, so I need ...apnea.This needs to be treated to help with high blood pressure.So this is even more motivati... "

" ...japan. its hard like a stick, the smallest one she showed me was about half a meter long. she recommended to boil it with japanes radish... she said good for reducing cholestral and high B... "

" ...sedentary life is responsible for hypertension so if u want to get rid of hypertension without medication you have to ...cucumber, carrot, tomato, onion, radish, cabbage and spinach are... "

" all the risks you will incure related to high blood pressure if you stop, also. For crohns disease learn all ...Tumeric is one. Spanish black radish another. Vit A and folate... "

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