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hiccup or hiccough is a myoclonus of the diaphragm (anatomy) that repeats several times per minute. In humans, the abrupt rush ...
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Common Hiccups treatments discussed around the web
Gripe Water 2,865 Gaviscon 707 Prevacid 539
234,910 conversations around the web about Hiccups to help you make a decision
234,910 conversations around the web about Hiccups to help you make a decision
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Hiccups & Open Heart Surgery

We found 30 discussions
" ...gets the hiccups. She had open heart surgery and is still healing, so I am guessing that the hiccups actually hurt ...It usually works to get rid of the hiccups. I might have to give Gripe Water... "

" ...know...Thorazine is usually prescribed in mentally ill patients...but one of the \"side effects\" is that it helps relax the diaphragm. It is a fairly strong sedative, however if one only needs to ... "

" ...worth, I, too, had terrible hiccups after my surgery - ...friend of mine's dad had open heart surgery and got the hiccups...can you imagine that? One of ...little and got the hiccups, I'd ge... "

" ...old, he had his first open heart surgery. he got the hiccups 2 days after surgery and ...of his head at each hiccup. the nurse told me it for him. he got hiccups a lot those first few... "

" ...happened to me. I had those \"hiccups\" for 7 months till they ...better now. The third surgery was more intense and was open heart surgery, but was worth it in the long run to... "

" Litch- did your hiccups finally go away? I missed the update. Craney- so LA next Tuesday on the anniversary of Gray's open heart surgery to give blood and drop off toys at his... "

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" ...43% with a diagnosis of cardiomyopathy ...My father is having open heart surgery in a few weeks ...EF was 44%. I have chest pain alot and I aslo have whay I call heart hiccups , my heart stop... "

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" ...basis, just 5 days after being decided to take the case on. His open heart surgery lasted just over 4 hours, he had a small hiccup in PICU meaning he had to be re-intubated for a while, but spent... "

" ...your soft palate). We googled hiccup cures once when we had a patient after open heart surgery who had the hiccups and was really in pain ...anything yet, and his pain medication wasn't helping... "

" ...with an overactive thyroid. Had a heart \"spasm\" then, got the ...problems though and had heart \"hiccups\" for 7 months was supposed to be! Had open heart surgery, epicardial placem... "

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