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Hiatal Hernia

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(Hiatus hernia)
hiatus hernia or hiatal hernia is the protrusion (or herniation) of the upper part of the stomach into the chest through a tear ...
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Common Hiatal Hernia treatments discussed around the web
Omeprazole 1,135 Gaviscon 459 Mylanta 115
43,022 conversations around the web about Hiatal Hernia to help you make a decision
43,022 conversations around the web about Hiatal Hernia to help you make a decision
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Hiatal Hernia & Vomiting

5.69% of the posts that mention Hiatal Hernia also mention Vomiting (2,449 posts)
Hiatal Hernia
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We found 2,449 discussions
" ...and experience severe vomitting after surgeries. My last one they gave me a delightful cocktail (that's what I tell myself) of Zantac and an antinaseau medication that worked wonderfully!!! I... "

" Have hiatal hernia, vomiting bile. Given morphine. What ...sould that i have a hiatal hernia. i was in ...also an iv because i was vomiting bile for about 3 hours and an anti nausea iv. i feel... "

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" ...have a hiatus hernia ...much. One thing I am concerned about is the inability to vomit afterwards, how do you prevent this if you get a bug and what could happen? I absolutely hate throwing up ... "

" ...Omeprazole not suiting you. I was taking Nexium but felt it did nothing for me. I have had similar symptoms to you caused by my Hiatal-Hernia. Have ...had regurgitating... "

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" My consultant gave me Ranitidine in my last pg due to heartburn that was so bad I would vomit. 8 months ago I was diagnosed with a Hiatus Hernia and now on Omeprazole every day, in & out... "

" ...which was repaired. I did have reflux pre surgery. I rarely had heart burn but I aspirated on my own vomit often in my sleep. Since my surgery, I have had no reflux or issues. I will be on... "

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" ...have a small hiatal hurnia. I have been through three pregnancies . Didnt gain much weight due to the vomiting in my first . i popped lots of rolaids and Tums, drinking Mylanta really helped but... "

" ...have a hiatal hernia ...throwing up all the time and very sick for months due to this hernia so when i found out i couldnt take any of my meds, i freaked... i went into my first appt HYSTERICAL ... "

" ...have an hiatus hernia; ...Omeprazole twice daily. It is a proton pump inhibitor and I have found that and a low dose of Haloperidol at night is really helping. The halo acts as an an anti nausea... "

" ...3 years. I have an hiatal hernia. I told my Gastro ...not seemed to be concerned.I have high bloodpressure and take thyroid meds. I also take Aciphex to control vomiting. The meds are so expensi... "

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