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(Herpes virus infection)
Herpes simplex (, lit. "creeping") is a viral disease caused by both Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) and type 2 (HSV-2). Infection...
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Valtrex 11,953 Acyclovir 5,447 Zovirax 1,315
325,654 conversations around the web about Herpes to help you make a decision
325,654 conversations around the web about Herpes to help you make a decision
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Herpes & Metallic Taste

0.03% of the posts that mention Metallic Taste also mention Herpes (13 posts)
Metallic Taste
We found 13 discussions
" ...metalic taste in my mouth. It first appeared a couple of months ago for a couple of days then went. Its back again the last couple of weeks. Seems to stay for a few days. ? I am on Atenalol 50mg a ... "

" ...and when I forced myself to eat everything had a metallic taste. I took the entire course of treatment which is ...try to stay away from foods that can trigger herpes... "

" ...have had a bad metallic taste in my mouth and burning of my ...we all contracted a herpes-type virus in the mouth. ...a gastroenterologist, who also prescribed an anti-fungal liquid and a pre... "

" ...the exception of the herpes relief, due to my not having herpes. I have two additional ...are especially problematic, however. The metallic taste in my mouth always comes after passing out.... "

" I second VVK, metallic taste is not a sign of herpes outbreak. Symptoms vary from person to person and some all. Common symptoms experienced during lesion formation include: swollen lymph... "

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" ...megamedicines is colloidal silver. I've used it to cure everything from herpes to spider bite. But I has a strong, yukky metallic taste, almost unbearable, you've got the... "

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" ...consisted of quite a strong metalic taste in mouth, swelling in neck ...even got a cold sore (herpes) on the mouth as well ...on why I'd get the herpes on the mouth right now?... "

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" ...herpesviridae are the key. My history is EBV infection and a very bad ...3) do you have a constant metallic taste that makes food not're looking at the herpes class of infection, reme... "

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" ...and I discovered that horrible metallic taste, and that usually means that ...sores and was \"diagnosed\" as having herpes, (I was still a virgin, ...I was SURE I didn't have herpes. I had n... "

" ...for posting your query here. High fever causes a metallic taste in the mouth and sometimes loss of appetite too. ...viral infections in the baby. Herpes virus and measles are the... "

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